Bingle Boob Wrangle

I did a post about my sexiest celebrities a couple of months back and I consistantly get crap loads of hits to it every day since. Now with the Lara Bingle controversy, I seem to be getting a lot more hits for people looking for THAT photo.

As much as I think she is cute, I don’t see what the big Hoo Ha is about the nude piccies that were shown in Zoo Weekly. Sure, it’s not a good thing that they were displayed without her permission, (if that is actually the case), but come on. It’s just a body. Everyone has one. I think that when you are in the modelling business and your body is your tool, it is unfortunately going to be used in ways that you may not agree with.

Ha! But guess what?? I am such a hit whore. I want to see how many hits I can get by posting this. It’s one of the photos that she DID give permission to be shown from….. (thanks to this site, I found it)

Click here for (shock horror) BOOBS.

Lara Bingle Boobs

On the site, (not linking to them!) they were showing you the censored pic, and then after many many many warnings that it may offend, you were linked to the site where the original pic was. But it had been removed because they got so many hits on the site! had a great headline about it…“Bare Bingle shots won’t stop Zoo blue”

Rhyming Bingle with Bungle was also impressive.

I’m a bit of a wanna-be nudist and have no problem flashing my rude bits. I have always had a bit of a urge to go to a nudist colony or beach one day. I sorta would have to find someone to go with though as being alone is not a good look 😛

Ok…that’s enough Hit Whoring now….

Sorry girls 😉

EDIT (11/03/10) – 3 years on and this post is getting a crazy amount of hits.

You wanna see the old (new to some) shower photo that has caused all of the controversy?

Here ya go 🙂


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