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Rocking Dotpoints.

  • V Day does RAWK! My girl knows what I like 🙂
  • Speaking of RAWKing, she will HERE in like 2 1/2 hrs. Sweet!
  • And while we’re talking about ROCKing, LaLa and I will be at the Mawson Club when The Drop Bears have another gig there on Saturday Night. Come on down!
  • I just remembered today that Canberra Day is on in like 3 weeks. (March 10) Score! We have three 4 days week in March!
  • Obama is looking good in the US Primaries, but why does Ohio and Texas love Hillary?
  • I saw the Screaming Jets last night. Chatted with Dave Gleeson and rocked hard at the Green Room. They still go hard after 18 years! (legal now!)
  • What do I do about Housemates that don’t washup? (well, they might read this and that would help I guess!)
  • Why am I so obsessed with getting on air on Triple J? I have been on air 3 times this last week. I am such a radio whore!
  • Can someone please tell me why it costs $130 to see Matchbox 20 but only $100 to see The Foo Fighters. Isn’t there something wrong with that picture? (not that I complaining! I have my Fooeys tickets :))
  • Why is it that I now get about 300 hits a day on my blog, when I used to only get 50 or 60? My stats are going stupid. (not that I am compaining!)

The End.

Have a great weekend everyone! (anyone?)

Let’s Go Back In Time

Way back….To February.

It was nearly 8 months ago that I was stoked to be seeing The Gurge at the Gaelic.

But, as the history books (aka blogs) will tell us, that didn’t actually happen. Instead, something even better happened.

So, 8 months have passed. That something better has turned into something fantastic, but yet, I still haven’t seen The Gurge live for 2 years.

Tonight. That will change!

I have been thrashing their awesome new album, “Love and Paranoia” (review coming soon) and am itching to see Quan, Ben, Pete and new member Seja (on keyboards).