My Top 10 Sexy Celebrities

Having read Gempire’s post this morning I thought I would come up with my list of Sexy Women.

Similarly in no particular order…

Jessica Alba – Not original, but still damn hot. I think it was her role in Sin City that really did it for me..but her Dark Angel character had some good spunk

Cameron Diaz – On lots of lists, but damn I think I fell for her back in The Mask. Very cute face and cute smile, but she’s probably a real bitch..

Kate BeahanChopper made her famous, but I loved her in Love is a Four Letter Word. She was fiesty cute and oh so Aussie. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Still at the top of my list. I don’t care if she’s short, has knobbly knees, is too skinny or hangs out with Freddie. She’s the bomb.

Kylie Minogue – Regular readers would know my crush on the great Aussie songstress. I still have those TV Week covers somewhere….

Salma HayekDesperado, Dusk till Dawn and even in Frida. She is one hot sultry Mexican.

Sarah Chalke – She’s dorky, funny and ditzy on Scrubs, but she has this sexy little thing going on. Something about her.

Lara Bingle -She may be latched on to Michael Clarke, and all over the tabloids, but damn she is a sexy one.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte– Tongue twister of a name, but she can use that tongue anyway she wants. I mean..uh…for singing.(Dirty dirty people). Her band might not be my sort of thing, but the fact is she is IN a band, can sing ok and plays the bad bitch on Neighbours is enough for me!

Maria Sharapova – I had to include a sportswoman! She smokes up the tennis court like no other, and can actually WIN matches! (unlike a previous sexy player we know). Long Live Women’s tennis!

So, that’s the list I could think up right now. I bet I get to 3 this arvo and think of someone I left off. And yes, they’re all celebrities! If I had a camera, I would take photos of all the people I’ve met who are sexy too! You know who you are!


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