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Facebook gets OZ’d up

It’s growing, and if you wanna jump on, just click here

What’s growing you say?

Facebook is. It’s exploding in Australia right now.

Just ask these people.

Never Mind Myspace. Bugger Bebo. Facebook is da place to be.

What the hell is it?

Well, yes, it’s just another social networking site, but this one’s a bit different.

When it began it was restricted to University/College students as a way of connecting and linking to each other. With the success of that, it expanded to worldwide schools before being opened up to the public last year. Since then it has boomed in Canada, the UK and now Australia, Norway and Sweden.


Read this if you want a experts opinion on what it is.

But if you want my opinion?

It’s more mature than any other social networking site out there.

What does that mean?

Take these points:

  • It has a nice clean design
  • Like Myspace you arrange your page how you want, but you can avoid the tacky, ad-filled clunkiness that Myspace has.
  • You can change your moods and see your friends moods easily.
  • You can see which friends your friends have added easily and it’s a good way to find friends that you didn’t know were on facebook!
  • The design allows you to easily add and remove applications that you want to use and they can interact with other friends.
  • You don’t feel like you are just another kid with a Myspace page, you can actually feel that you have a presence online that you are proud of
  • Simple things, like being able to hug/tickle/poke/slap/tackle someone and just show that you are thinking of them.
  • It is NOT Myspace.

And that last one is the best reason of all. Leave Myspace to the crazy kids who just wanna put bling on their page and have as many friends as possible.

For me, FB isn’t about having as many friends as possible, it’s about connecting with people that I haven’t been in touch with for years, and also having a way of easily communicating with them in little quirky ways. I have already found a couple of old High School friends and family friends.

I don’t intend to just add anyone to my friends list either, because I use my full name and personal details on there. I like the option to show only the parts you want to. Friends can see some parts. People in your network can see some parts and everyone else can get buggered!

The best way to find people is for FB to search using your web mail account (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) and then it just tells you which of those people are already in Facebook.

Anyway, this may all sound like an advertisement, but seriously if you were wondering about it, check it out and join. There are only 149,999 others joining that day!

Oh…and if you wanna find me on there, ask and I might let ya 😛

Phoney Mobiles..

My poor old mobile (Sony Ericsson K750i) is on it’s last legs, but it’s not even 2 years old!

I think it’s crap that a $700 piece of equipment can fall apart after only…

  • Being dropped from a height of about 4 metres onto the Indoor Cricket Centre floor.
  • Being accidently flung out of my hand and flying 10 metres onto the ground of a carpark, narrowly missing being run over by a Rav 4
  • Getting hot, sweaty and wet in my pocket at 2 Big Day Outs and multiple mosh pits.
  • Travelling from one end of the world to the other in my pocket or bag
  • Me bashing the hell out of the little joystick which never freaking works when you want it to and ‘clicks’ instead of going down or left or right or up. Grrrrrr. Most frustrating thing EVER.
  • Spilling beer on it..
  • Taking it to the beach on a windy day when sand was blowing up every orifice and infliltrating every little thing that I was carrying.

Actually, the fact that the phone still WORKS is a lucky thing.

Except that the lcd screen is all pale and fading and barely visible outdoors and the sliding cover for the camera doesn’t register when it is open and closed any more and the cable I have for my laptop doesn’t register that is connected at all.

So, instead of forking out another $700 or going into another 2 year contract with a Mobile provider, I decided to buy a spare parts kit for my phone on eBay.

Here’s hoping I don’t completely break the thing.