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Bogans, Bass Playing, Boring Footy and BDO Bands!

Lots to report on!

First. Things I learnt from my first 2 gigs with my new band.

  • I need to practice more
  • Cowra is a bit of a hole
  • Sleeping in Hotels with pubs is an interesting experience
  • Eugowra is a nice place
  • Kangaroos are stupid
  • Live bands at weddings are the way to go (let me know if you want one!)
  • Playing Bass in a band in front of people felt natural. Once I was past the nerves, it felt so right
  • Nice band-mates are a necessity. You hang out with them a LOT

It was great. I am looking forward to the next gig. I should have a lot more practice before then!

Could there be 2 more boring Grand Finals EVER? There was the possibility of the weekend of Grand Finals, which rarely ever happens on the same weekend any more, being one of the best footy weekends ever, but after 2 blowouts and and crap matchups….who cares?

Till….next year.

And then. Today.

The 1st announcement of bands for the BDO!

Here’s the bands they have named and my comment:

Rage Against The Machine – Well. We all know what I think about that! They WILL be the headliner. I guarantee it. Also, they will be the major cause of tickets selling out in record time! Can’t wait for them… Want….tickets…NOW!

Bjork – A huge drawcard and someone that will really split the BDO audience I predict. Yes, she looks weird. Yes, she sounds weird, but damn I am very much looking forward to seeing her. Homogenic and Medulla have been played many many times and from what I’ve heard of her new album, it sounds like she’s still at her freaky original best.

Grinspoon – Aussie pub rock. What’s there not to like? I don’t give 2 shits if they have copied riffs off other bands. I don’t care if Phil’s ice addiction was a media tactic. They are ROCK! I just saw them a couple of weeks back and they are in hot form after their latest album. I hope they play the main stage like Wolfmother did in 2006. I think the crowd will go off.

Arcade Fire – As I predicted! These Canadians have taken the world by storm with their ‘Neon Bible’ album and will bring their huge show to Australia for the first time. Prepare to be converted! Oh yeah, and there’ll be 9 of them on stage. Sweet.

Hilltop Hoods – They have come a long way since Left Foot, Right Foot in 2001, especially with the symphonic (pussy?) remake of the Hard Road album this year. Will they bring the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra with them on the BDO junket? I freaking hope so, but i doubt it. If The Herd can’t make it this year, The Hoods will more than substitute!

Billy Bragg & Paul Kelly – 2 outstanding singer/songwriters from opposite sides of the world. I’ve never seen either, and have always wanted to see Paul Kelly. It will be interesting to see what sort of reaction he gets from the ‘Rage’ crowd, but for people who appreciate a true Aussie legend, he will fit right in. Now…where’s Ian Moss? (cough)

LCD Soundsystem – They will melt the Boiler Room with their infectious beats. I have not really spent that much time in the Boiler Room the last 2 years, but if I can make it for this gig, it will definitely be worth it. Yes. Melt.

Sarah Blasko – She’s cute. She sings. She has great songs. I am looking forward to checking her out finally

Faker & Battles – I know both bands from having heard them on JJJ, but am not a huge fan of either. Will probably not check them out unless I have nothing else on or am too drunk to realise.

Midnight Juggernauts – Was pissed that I missed these guys at the ANU bar recently. Might be spending more time in the Boiler Room! Great to see a new quality Aussie DJ’s!

Dizzee Rascal – A 21 year old hip-hop singing pom. He would be interesting, but not really into his stuff. I like his use of sirens though.

Something With Numbers – About as close to emo as I get. They supported Grinspoon the other week and were actually…good. Recognised lots of their songs from JJJ. Worth seeing and WAY better than those fucktards, My Chemical Romance.

Cut Off Your Hands – New Kiwi band that play some catchy pop that has been making me think they had to be from England or something. Nope…Kiwi’s apparently. Not sure what they’ll be like, but they’re making waves around the world. Cool band name too.


That is just the first announcement!

2nd announcement soon, but really, I don’t need any more. There are 6 or 8 acts there that I would pay $125 to see without a second thought.

Throw in the Pumpkins or The Chemical Brothers and it will just be icing on an already luscious and moist cake!

Tickets on sale next Wednesday. 2 ticket limit. GOOD.

Only online sales this year but there is NO WAY I am going through Ticketmaster. They can suck my balls.

The Big Day Out 2008. It will be something special.

I have been to the last 2 Big Day Out’s and I vowed after my first that I would never miss another one.

This year I am tempted to go to both Sydney and Melbourne because the potential lineup looks absolutely bloody outstanding.


Rage Against The Machine

Semi-confirmed: (very likely)

Arcade Fire
Queens of The Stone Age
Chemical Brothers

International Rumours:

Foo Fighters
The Smashing Pumpkins
Flaming Lips
Kings of Leon

Plus Aussie acts on the rumour mill:

Operator Please

More more more!! Tell me more!

Announcement will be any day now! (forget the Election announcement)