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My New Toy. See it LIVE!

I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately.



yeah…I can hear you all upset about that.



It’s not that I don’t love you all or anything.



Anyway, I’m here now, so stop complaining…


What’s new you ask?

Well, not a lot. Work is actually going pretty well lately. I think it helps to feel settled in your head that you are happy to work somewhere, even if the work isn’t what you want to do with the rest of your life.

There’s other things afoot in the coming months that I am excited about, but treading water can be sore on the thighs. And sometimes you get gobfuls of water in your mouth. It sorta sucks.

The BIG news is that I bought a new Bass Guitar last weekend. YES YES! It’s brand spanking new. It’s sexy, and in turn makes me look sexier playing it.

This be it:

Sex with 5 strings

Seeeee? How hot is that??

This instrument can be seen, along with The Drop Bears at 2 hot locations this weekend. Friday night across the border at Walsh’s Hotel in Queanbeyan, and Saturday night at the more wholesome Holy Grail in Kingston.

Come on down and I might even let you touch it.

The Bass that is.


Monday Means Dot Points

Here’s the rundown..

  • Sebastian Bach rained out. WTF? Sprinklers went off because of a ill-placed spotlight and the electical firey dude called the gig off. Not happy about but, but I did drink and be merry with old friends so that was a plus
  • Things I am loving at the moment –
    • Deadwood – Watching all 3 seasons in a row. ($20 each. Woo!) I am starting to talk like a 1800’s prospector. If that offends your sensibilities, then fuck you cocksucker!
    • Flight of the Conchords – This Kiwi duo are piss funny. Think Tenacious D, but not as rocky. Their TV show is great too. Ch 10, on Sundays, after Rove.
    • Gyroscope – New album, ‘Breed Obsession’. Hell Yeah. Good solid Aussie rock. Very cool.
    • Dexter – I watched the first 2 episodes of this show yesterday and I have to say it’s a little disturbing, but engaging at the same time. Look for it later this year on Ch. 10, or look for copies…umm..elsewhere. A serial killing blood splatter specialist forensic cop. freaky.
    • Burnout 3 – A PS2 game where you ram the opposition cars and get more points and speed for ‘taking them down’. A little obsessed with this game at the moment..
  • Things I am hating at the moment –
    • Woolworths renovations. I can’t find anything!
    • Wicked Wings price hike. Weren’t they 2 bucks about a year ago? Now they’re 3 bucks!
    • Petrol Prices – I know it’s not going to stop, but $1.60/litre is REALLY pushing it.
    • Mail Archiving. Very VERY OVER IT. Why do people have to keep so much email? Deal with it and DELETE!!
    • Big Brother – Boring. Boring. Boring. I hardly even bother any more. The excitement of the opening night feels like a distant memory.
    • The Parramatta Eels form. We played well on Friday and still lost. Damn you Lockyer! We’d better beat the Raiders next week!
  • The Drop Bears play their inaugural gig at the Kingston Hotel this Friday. All are welcome! Come along and have a steak and then listen to us and rock out! Any requests?

That’s about it. I feel like I am treading water a bit at the moment, just waiting for traction and the chance to move forward.


Lest we Forget…

I nearly lost a child today.

But let me go backwards a little.

I have had the kids stay over this week for school holidays.

It’s been great, but I must admit I have been a little worn out by them. Also, I’m glad my ears are already ringing because the squeals are loud enough to smash glass.

We’ve watched movies, gone shopping, played interesting games of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where I am Master Splinter (the rat).

Then, this morning we planned to see the balloons, which meant dragging my sorry, tired, butt out of bed at 6am and trying to decide whether or not to wake the kids and head out into the 8 degree morning (balmy for this time of year!).

The ear piercing alarm from my daughters alarm clock made my mind up for me as the kids launched out of bed and got dressed in many layers.

We scored a sweet park right next to the lawns of Old Parliament House and then went and checked them all out…

Mmm…the heat from the flame warms us up…

The eyes on this thing freaked me out a little…

This Kookaburra was the pick of the balloons this morning. I think there will be more on the weekend.

The obligatory reflection shot worked well…

He doesn’t even have to pose and he takes a good pic…

They were having a good time and then we decided to head off to the car and then grab some Macca’s for breakfast…

I walked my eldest son across the road, and then my 9 yr old daughter had my 4 yr old sons hand and were on the other side of the road. All of a sudden, he decides to pull out of her hand and run across the road. I noticed a car heading down the road from the left and I yelled out to him. I was about to run out to get him when a car screamed past from the right, in between me and my boy. I swear this car must have been going over 40kph and was within a metre of hitting both me and my son.

He ended up standing in the middle of the road as these 2 cars went around him.

it was crazy. it was so sudden and it scared the shit out of all of us. My daughter took it worst of all as she felt responsble for him, but it was not her fault at all. He just pulled out of her hand to run toΒ  me.

The ride to Macca’s was a quiet one except for me stressing to the boy to be MUCH more careful when crossing and to always hold a hand. Stuff that he already knows.

Besides that, we went to the War Memorial this arvo and the kids had a great time in the Discovery Zone and looking at the dioramas.

After a long long day they hit the hay early. I think I need it too as I’m supposed to be going to work tomorrow.

Gah…why did I do that?

Big weekend coming up as well!

The Drop Bears have 2 gigs this weekend.

Friday night at the Holy Grail in Kingston and Saturday at the Tuggies Club (Vikings) in Erindale.

LaLa will also be in town which is great. I think we’ve opted out of hitting the balloons again this year though πŸ™‚

Hope you have a good ANZAC Weekend.

And here’s hoping my son doesn’t forget how to cross a road…

Spring in Step, Bullets in Blog

Bullet Points are all the rage at the moment, so here are mine..

  • Earth Hour is a good thing. Apparently Energy consumption was down 11.4% in Canberra is the equivalent of taking 8.4 cars off the road for a year. Canberra was also the city with the largest percentage of participation (73%). Yay US!
  • If you want to see a complete tool who decided to turn ON all his lights and appliances during Earth Hour, click here. But I am hesitant to give him any hits what-so-ever.
  • Knee is soooo much better. Isn’t it always the way? You see a doctor, spend the money and then whatever ailment you had improves. Never-the-less I will still get the MRI on Wednesday morning. I have canceled the surgery and will wait for the MRI results and a 2nd opinion.
  • I am doing something tomorrow that may or may not lead to a rather big change in my life. Stay tuned. No hints yet πŸ™‚
  • The Drop Bears played at the Mawson Club last Friday and it went well. The crowd seemed to enjoy the punkier dancier stuff more than the heavy, but really, when you get that drunk, does it really matter? Stay tuned for 2 Anzac Day gigs…
  • Daylight Savings being pushed back a week and then brought forward in October is a good thing. I whole-heartedly enjoy extra daylight and will miss it from next week.
  • Did you know that too much Vitamin C causes diarrhea? Neither did I. Might explain something..
  • Who wants to go and see The Panics with me on the 10th of May at the ANU Bar?

Bullet Point Stop.

Leap Day!

It only happens once every four years.

But so does the Olympics, the Soccer World Cup and cleaning out my ears.

It’s also a bloody freezing day here. (7 degrees overnight)

That’s the problem with Canberra. As soon as she gets a whiff that Summer is over, the frosts roll in.

Hopefully this is a one off for now though as next week looks ok:

Monday   : Fine, sunny.             Min: 9    Max: 26

Tuesday  : Fine, mostly sunny.      Min: 11    Max: 27

Wednesday: Fine, mostly sunny.      Min: 11    Max: 26

Thursday : Fine, mostly sunny.      Min: 11    Max: 26

It’s also a 1 in 4 years chance to see The Drop Bears live at the Holy Grail in Kingston on Leap Day!

We’ve been jamming a few new songs, so it should go off tonight.

I am convinced that while I am singing ‘Long Road To Ruin’ I am channeling Dave Grohl.


Oooh….only 2 months till I see him and the Fooeys live again…


So…any girls proposing to their guys today?

Ha…although LaLa made a good point. She thinks that you’d miss out on a ring if the woman proposes.

Apparently if a guy declines a proposal on Leap Day, they must pay a FINE. “(Back in the 1200s the fine ranged from a kiss, to 1 pound, to a silk dress. Most gents are probably wishing it would work the other way around too!)”

How’s that for pressure??

Personally, I don’t think it should always be left to the male to propose anyway. I mean, why should a guy be left with such a big decision?

Mind you, if the woman nags hints enough, then I guess it’s not really the guys decision anyway…


Rocking Dotpoints.

  • V Day does RAWK! My girl knows what I like πŸ™‚
  • Speaking of RAWKing, she will HERE in like 2 1/2 hrs. Sweet!
  • And while we’re talking about ROCKing, LaLa and I will be at the Mawson Club when The Drop Bears have another gig there on Saturday Night. Come on down!
  • I just remembered today that Canberra Day is on in like 3 weeks. (March 10) Score! We have three 4 days week in March!
  • Obama is looking good in the US Primaries, but why does Ohio and Texas love Hillary?
  • I saw the Screaming Jets last night. Chatted with Dave Gleeson and rocked hard at the Green Room. They still go hard after 18 years! (legal now!)
  • What do I do about Housemates that don’t washup? (well, they might read this and that would help I guess!)
  • Why am I so obsessed with getting on air on Triple J? I have been on air 3 times this last week. I am such a radio whore!
  • Can someone please tell me why it costs $130 to see Matchbox 20 but only $100 to see The Foo Fighters. Isn’t there something wrong with that picture? (not that I complaining! I have my Fooeys tickets :))
  • Why is it that I now get about 300 hits a day on my blog, when I used to only get 50 or 60? My stats are going stupid. (not that I am compaining!)

The End.

Have a great weekend everyone! (anyone?)

Rocking The Bay

Hey, if you happen to be in Bateman’s Bay tonight, rock on down to the Bayview Hotel!

The Drop Bears will be entertaining tonight πŸ™‚

I’m looking forward to a new place to play, a beach and some sun (maybe Mr. Weather Man?)

See ya!

The Cogs are turning…

And bang! It was Friday.

Well, only just.

I’ve been out at Uni of Canberra tonight seeing Cog and Dead Letter Circus.

I can only DREAM to be as good as these guys.

Dead Letter Circus were an awesome support. Have heard some of their stuff lately on JJJ and liked it. I was there to see Cog though having never seen them before. They blew me away with how damn talented they are and tight as a flea’s arse. Damn impressed.

The drummer is absolutely amazing. With his 11 cymbals (including hi-hat and a huge kick-arse gong which I think he hit once) he was belting the shit out of the UC Refectory.

I can still hear him ringing in my ears.

….speaking of ear ringingly good fun…

Remember my band? Well, we’ve been busy practicing!

The Drop Bears will be playing at O’Sheas in Phillip tomorrow night. (under the Green Room, which is moving back there coincidentally)
Well actually, tonight. Friday, 23rd of November!

Come along!

If you can’t, then you have more chances next weekend!

30th of November – Holy Grail, Kingston

1st of December – Tuggs Club, Erindale.

You know you wanna come!