About Me

I’ve been blogging for around 3 years and this is my 3rd incarnation. (ie. I did have To Blog or not To Blog and America…Bloody Oath)

I enjoy blogging. Mostly because it gives me a creative outlet, but always because it is MINE and I can vent, be opinionated and crap on about whatever I want.

I try to get a little too fancy arty farty pooncy sometimes, but that’s just because deep down, I have a soft gooey centre.

Just like a Caramello Koala. Mmmmm….Caramello….

For more about me, check out my 100 Stuffs Page. I have decided to join the mob of 100 thing people…

You will find that I like bandwagons. I mean, it’s easier than constructing one myself. I don’t have the tools…

3 responses to “About Me

  • AmusingGuy

    You are totaly right about the creative outlet, without blogging i would be trapped in my own real world, and here you can express at least some part of you that you can not in the real one 🙂

  • GMAC

    Mate- I just returned from “home” in Australia and landed in the middle of something I never knew was even going on… underbelly. Why? I left Aus in 92 left behind a great mate that I’d lost touch with. I could only guess what was going on in 99 when I got a call telling me my best friend was dead outside his home in aberfeldie. I took a number of calls from people wanting to know about Mark Moran. Low and behold- surreally – I cam home to my new country- and downloaded the first three episodes of underbelly. The Moran interaction is eerily accurate. Not a member of the carlton crew- but a close assosiate-I have lost most of our school mates in the mess that ensued since I left. anyway- my question here is when does the 4th episode air?

  • esther

    I’ve just been blogging for 5 months, and I enjoy it so much. Blogging expand our knowledge and creativity.

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