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It’s Time to Go, Big Brother.

“This is seriously the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life”

– Rory on having to select someone to ‘snap’ evict tonight – Big Brother 2008

What the fuck?

THAT’S the hardest?

You obviously haven’t had a very tough life, Rory.

Ok, so it’s the last week EVER of Big Brother Australia. The show will not be renewed by Channel 10 next year, although there is a possibility of another channel picking it up. (Channel 7 has had talks)

There were 5 housemates left tonight, and then we had to endure an HOUR AND A HALF of them moaning, whinging, complaining and crying about having to snap evict 2 housemates.

Ok, I don’t presume to know what it’s like to be stuck in a house for 3 months, with no outside contact and then having to lose the people you have been spending that time so closely with.

It must be hard. Sure. But, seriously. The hardest thing in your life?”. I just don’t get that.

I have been a Big Brother fan. I admit it. I have watched at least some of every season since it started in 2001. I get excited at the start to see who will be in the house. I like to see the personalities clash. I like to see what Big Brother will come up with.

Then I get bored. The daily shows get monotonous. The Friday night games clash with the footy. I just lose interest mostly.

Not sure why, but I’m obviously not the only one. Ratings have fallen every season and every week that the show is on.

I think that once the initial interest wanes, the length of the show just hurts the show. It goes for 3 months after all, and if you miss a few episodes here and there it doesn’t really matter. So obviously it’s only the hard-core fans that watch every single night/week. And those hard-core fans are dropping off every year.

So, anyway, they spent 80 minutes evicting 2 people, only for those 2 people to come back into the house.

Talk about a mind-fuck Big Brother!

It was an exercise in character, for us to determine who we want to win.

Well, who do I want to win?

Not Travis. Enduring 3 months of his voice has been enough. I think his head would explode if he won. Nice guy, but just…no.

Not Terri. Sorry, but she was voted out on the first night. Big Brother’s insistance on bringing her back just smacks of manipulation and desperation for ratings.

Not Ben. That smarmy up himself nob doesn’t deserve the money. He’s gonna be a lawyer and is smarter than everyone else, as he has reminded everyone over and over again.

So that leaves Alice and Rory.

I like them both.

I think Rory should win because he’s honest, he’s himself and he’s passionate.

I think Alice should win for similar reasons. Honest, straight forward and normal.

If I had to pick one?

Give it to Rory. The audience obviously like him (has been nominated a LOT) and he’s different from previous winners.

Will he win?

Will he win?

Monday Means Dot Points

Here’s the rundown..

  • Sebastian Bach rained out. WTF? Sprinklers went off because of a ill-placed spotlight and the electical firey dude called the gig off. Not happy about but, but I did drink and be merry with old friends so that was a plus
  • Things I am loving at the moment –
    • Deadwood – Watching all 3 seasons in a row. ($20 each. Woo!) I am starting to talk like a 1800’s prospector. If that offends your sensibilities, then fuck you cocksucker!
    • Flight of the Conchords – This Kiwi duo are piss funny. Think Tenacious D, but not as rocky. Their TV show is great too. Ch 10, on Sundays, after Rove.
    • Gyroscope – New album, ‘Breed Obsession’. Hell Yeah. Good solid Aussie rock. Very cool.
    • Dexter – I watched the first 2 episodes of this show yesterday and I have to say it’s a little disturbing, but engaging at the same time. Look for it later this year on Ch. 10, or look for copies…umm..elsewhere. A serial killing blood splatter specialist forensic cop. freaky.
    • Burnout 3 – A PS2 game where you ram the opposition cars and get more points and speed for ‘taking them down’. A little obsessed with this game at the moment..
  • Things I am hating at the moment –
    • Woolworths renovations. I can’t find anything!
    • Wicked Wings price hike. Weren’t they 2 bucks about a year ago? Now they’re 3 bucks!
    • Petrol Prices – I know it’s not going to stop, but $1.60/litre is REALLY pushing it.
    • Mail Archiving. Very VERY OVER IT. Why do people have to keep so much email? Deal with it and DELETE!!
    • Big Brother – Boring. Boring. Boring. I hardly even bother any more. The excitement of the opening night feels like a distant memory.
    • The Parramatta Eels form. We played well on Friday and still lost. Damn you Lockyer! We’d better beat the Raiders next week!
  • The Drop Bears play their inaugural gig at the Kingston Hotel this Friday. All are welcome! Come along and have a steak and then listen to us and rock out! Any requests?

That’s about it. I feel like I am treading water a bit at the moment, just waiting for traction and the chance to move forward.


Big Brother Australia Premiere 2008 – LIVE BLOGGING!

Well it’s 15 minutes till the first Big Brother episode for 2008.

I have been a Big Brother fan since the very first season, but over the years is has gotten worse and worse. Last year was almost the end of the road. Boring, similar and dumb housemates made for a crap 5 months of TV.

So Gretel is gone, FuckHead Kyle and bitchface Jackie-O have taken over. Will that make it any better? Noooo, but maybe a different range of interesting house-mates will.

Check out the housemates at Behind Big Brother Australia (BBBA) or the Official Website


7:00 – It’s started. Same theme tune. Same auditorium. Oh look. It’s Kyle and Jackie-O. I think it sounds like they’re hosting a radio show….blah…

First night EVICTION. I already read about that.

God Kyle is such a wank. I hate even LOOKING at him…

7:02 – Time to watch the audition tapes of people who didn’t make it. Nudity Already! A moustached woman. Country Bogans on Bikes.

7:03 – There’s Neil from Centrebet now…talking about the odds? What the hell? Have they struck a deal with a gambling agency?

First sneak-peek at the housemates. In their little black boxes. They don’t look too special yet…..There’s the nana. There’s the midget.

7:05 – Looking through the outdoor of the house. There’s a Kombi. Cool. There’s a hot-tub and pool. They are TINY. There’s an outdoor dunny. There’s fake animals. Funky colours. Can’t see inside. Bah…

7:06 – First ad break.

7:09 – We’re back. There’s a momento cabinet. Each housemate has to put a loved item in there. maybe they get it back. Maybe they don’t

7:10 – 1st Housemate – Terri

She’s 52 and from NSW
She’s a Nanna.
She likes Pauline Hanson.
She was a single mother for a long period. (better than 2 pissweak ones apparently)
A Retail Worker.
She says she’s not cranky. Bugger.
Strong opinions.
She’s got a doll as her loved item that her Grandfather found on a beach.
Her grandson is there as well as her daughter. (The crowd awwwwws)

7:15 – 2nd Housemate – Saxon

He’s 22 from SA
He believes in UFO’s and Aliens and Loch Ness Monster.
He goes to look for one every Saturday
He LOOKS like a Space Cadet.
He works for the council.
He has bad tattoos (one says Roswell)
What a dork.
His monento for the cabinet is a gold chain. (got it from his parent)
He looks like a total wank. KICK HIM OUT

7:18 – We cross to Terri looking around the house. She’s wandering around. Checking out the BBQ and the kitchen. Kyle wants to see her sunbaking. Onya mate.

Kyle announces that someone will be evicted tonight. Yeah yeah…I knew that.

7:19 – Ad Break.

7:22 – We’re back live into the opening of the house. Jackie-O is talking to Saxon. Gee’s, could they have found anyone more dopey?

Saxon meets Terri. Interesting match these 2. Saxons wants to get on the Champers already. He has a really bad rats tails. Terri shows off her muscles. Wow..these 2 are a perfect match.

Shuddup Kyle. (“Give em one week”)

7:25 – Jackie-O takes us inside the house. New diary room. Switchable glass. It will highlight tempations behind it. NO Kitchen this year. All food is delivered via a conveyor belt. What the hell?

There’s a ‘cold, sterile’ bathroom. Each housemate gets a locker with a false back. Items can be taken out of it by BB.

ONE GIANT BED. All of the Housemates in one bed. WTF? That’s crazy. It could be interesting to see how long that lasts.

7:27 – 3rd Housemate – Bianca

She’s the youngest housemate, only 18.
She’s from QLD.
Italian Princess
Big Boobs
Doesn’t drink much.
Reads books.
She’s totally up herself saying that she turns heads. Whatever.
She is ‘mumsy’.
Is a self-proclaimed tool and dances around Pool tables
She says that she won’t sunbake cause there’s too many creepy old blokes like Kyle out there.
Her momento is a dog collar because she couldn’t bring her dog. Boring.

7:30 – Back to the house as Terri and Saxon discuss the unknown.

Bianca enters. Her tits are HUGE. Saxon can’t help staring.

7:31 – More HUGE surprises later in the show apparently. Another ad break

7:35 – Back to the house. Terri and Saxon check out the Kombi. Saxon says it’s a ‘Make-Out Van’

7:36 – 4th Housemate – Nobbi

He’s 21 from Victoria and commerce Student. Wants to be an agent.
He is Asian and puts on the accent at first. Ha. Not really. That was funny.
He boxes and plays poker.
He’s into the mathematical side of Poker. Loser.
His worried about keeping up his daily facial routine. Wank…
Kyle says he has tickets on himself and asks if he is.
He has a security blanket and Kyle asks if he is in love with it. (dickhead)
Nobby sleeps with the towel. What the?
He is scared of girls


7:39 – Nobbi enters the house. Great name. Kisses all round. Kyle calls him the ‘Karate Kid’. Ha.

7:40 – 5th Housemate -Brigitte

She’s 20 and from ACT. Holy crap! Canberra! First time EVA!
Paris Wannabe. Crikey. She’s very blonde.
She’s shy around people so they thinks she’s snobby.
She says guys are different to girls. Duh.
She has hair extensions and does girly pretty stuff. Uh oh.
Kyle is being a dirty prick
She has a gold necklace that is her momento from her mum.
That’s the young poon tang out of the way…


7:43 – Ad break AGAIN….

7:48 – Big Brother’s voice is new I think. And you can’t call him mate. Ha!

Brigitte enters the house. Saxon has a dirty look on his face. Terri asks if she could have had a shorter dress. Brigitte is supposed to start Uni in July…ha….I doubt it.

7:50 – 6th Housemate – Alice

She’s 24 and from Victoria
She’s a vet and gets messy as she sticks her hand up a cows butt.
Has a cute face.
She’s introduced as Doctor Alice.
Jackie-O thinks it’d be exciting to stick hands up a cows butt every night.
She’s single and is looking for anything…
Seems nice enough, but a bir boring…



7:53 – 7th Housemate – Travis

20 from NSW.
What is with the fucking VOICE?
He’s skinny as. A stick-insect.
He has to be gay. He works out but he has no muscles.
He’s a marketing co-ordinator. WITH THAT VOICE??
He has a coyote mug.
SAYS he’s not gay. (Yeah right)
He wants to be who he wants to be. Yeah yeah…whatever.
Kyle’s asking about the voice. It’s totally wrong.
He’s brought the bible as a momento. Oh dear.

7:57 – The odds man is up. 6.00 for Alice and 7.50 for Travis. Terri has long odds at 14.0, but Saxon is longer at 26 bucks. Brigitte is the longest at 51/1. Ha. That is ridiculous.

Kyle says, “In my mind, Brigitte’s on top”. Dirty fuck.

7:58 – More Ads.

Well, so far I think Nobbi is the best. I don’t really like any of them much. Terri will be entertaining as the token oldie. I think she’ll last quite a while unless she get’s TOO opinionated. I don’t know what is with Travis. Just strange.

Bring on the midget

8:03 – Alice and Travis are about to enter. Travis is a freak. Sorry, but there’s something wrong with your voicebox dude. At least admit it.

They get frisked by the guards and in they go. Travis does a stupid dance. They all meet. Travis is defending his voice already.

Terri asks why he didn’t ask Kyle if that was he ‘real’ fat gut. Ha!

8:06 – 8th Housemate -Rory

He’s 21 from Victoria
He’s a bogan.
He’s a brickie.
He wants to travel around Australia pub by pub.
From the slums in Geelong.
Has a dog called Stubbie.
He’s got a little box thing as a momento.
He’s pumped and has a shit hair-cut.


8:08 – Rory meets everyone in the house and declares he’ll forget everyone’s name.

8:10 – 9th Housemate – Renee

22 and from New South Wales.
Chihuahua on Speed.
Loves her footy.
Hates dishonest people
Talks fast (boganish) and is short as.
She works in an abattoir.
Hates princesses (Ha…too bad. I think she’ll be out-numbered)
Has brought a blanket as a momento. “I’m a practical person”


8:13 – Ad break

I dunno. It’s hard to get excited about any of them yet. I like that they have a tomboy girl in there. Renee should balance out the princesses a bit. Maybe. Or she’ll be converted. Ha. Rory seems like a wank. I bet he’ll try it on with Brigitte before too long…

8:17 – Footage of Kyle’s time in the house last year. What a fuck-knuckle

Renee enters the house and says ‘Hey’ to everyone. Next housemate!

8:18 – 10th Housemate – Rima

She’s 25 and from Victoria
It’s the midget! Her and her brother are both ‘shrunk’
Her voice matches up with Travis. Squeaky!
She’s married.
She belly dances.
She is 1 metre tall. Bloody Hell.
She swears, and declares she has a potty mouth.
First BEEP of the night.
The husband comes out and meets everyone.
I wonder where she gets her clothes.
Only married Housemate this year, Kyle declares.

8:22 – We cross to the house and Rory and Brigitte appear to be pretending to moon the new housemates. BB tells them to pull up their pants.

Rima enters and everyone looks dumb-struck. Rory has walked away already. She’s obviously not hot enough. Everyone else is nice enough.

8:24 – We cross to Mike Goldman and Bree. They are in the games arena. Fryzie is in some sort of stupid outfit. They are promoting Friday Night Live games already. It’ll be like Gladiators, but…NOT…

Terri tells Rima that the toilet is probably too tall for Rima. Hahaha. “They’ll probably give you a step”.



Terri is going to be funny. She’s already come out with the best lines so far tonight. There should be more older people in it!

8:29 – KFC are sponsors again. They have even sponsored the Diaries this year. Maybe they’ll have Wicked Wings on the conveyor belt.

8:30 – 11th Housemate – Ben

19 and from WA
Dux at school, Dux at Uni, Dick. Whatever mate.
Proclaims how smart he is and what his UAI is.
He’s a geek.
He doesn’t like slow walkers.
Seems totally up himself.
Studying law and thinks he’s SMRT.
He’s brought a photo with him and a dog as a momento.

8:34 – He meets everyone in the house. Yeah. He’s dull as dogshit. EVICT HIM!

8:35 – 12th Housemate – Dixie

She’s 21.
First aboriginal person in the house
Her car is her fiance
Cries when she hears the national anthem.
Seems nice. Is very emotional.
Almost cries when she walks on stage.
Was going to move to Sydney but ended up in Dubbo.
Never had a relationship apparently. (loses interest in boys)
Works as a Mental Health Worker (will probably come in handy)
Brought a beanie that was made by her Grandmother …..

8:37 – It is revealed that Dixie knows Renee from her home town. They try and build the tension by wondering if they like each other or not. Ha.

Dixie enters the compound (they still can’t go in the house). Dixie and Renne hug straight away. Well there goes that tension. She meets everyone else. I think I like Alice and Dixie best so far. All the guys pretty much suck so far.

8:38 – Ad break

8:42 – 13th Housemate – Rebecca

22 and from WA.
She’s a Personal Trainer and a skimpy barmaid.
Doesn’t like fake people.
Says that her has to use her body to sell her personal training (ha…and what else?)



8:45 – 14th Housemate – David

32 and from NSW (finally someone else over 30)
Was in a cult and escaped twice
Was married for 2 years.
Was a cop and is now a fireman
Seems like a decent bloke.
His parents don’t watch TV and won’t be watching him.
He has brought in a Canberra Raiders Jersey. Uh oh.

8:54 – Rebecca and David are about to head into the house. The last few housemates were rushed through and WordPress screwed up so I missed a lot of the last 2 housemates.

Nobbi and Renee are swinging on a swing. She sounds so bogan.

Rebecca and David walk in and meet people. Rory is of course interested in Rebecca. Travis hugs everyone instead of the handshake.

That’s all the housemates in. They go to the Centrebet guy again. He puts Rory at 26 dollars and Renee at dollars. Ben has short odds of 9.50. Rebecca sits on 17 bucks and so ar David is the shortest odds at 8 dollars. yeah yeah…Whatever.

Back to the house. BB is talking (definitely a new BB). He is telling them they cannot go into the house yet. He’s about to tell them that someone is going to be evicted early. The housemates have to decide who will be evicted at sunrise tomorrow. They have to decide amongst themselves.

The house will be closed until the first evictee is selected in the morning. He announces that it is the first of several snap evictions. Ha. Cool. They will have to stay outside tonight. Guess the Kombi could get full!

The housemates are discussing how they will decide who goes. No-one volunteers to leave. Ha. Funny that.

Next week, the top 3 voted online housemates will be put into the house (somehow).

Jackie-O mentions the words ‘Under the Radar’ for the first time. (yawn)

And that’s it. 9.03 and the first show is done. On time! Unbelievable!

The housemates continue to talk about how to decide who’s going. Rory says that everyone should talk to each other and try to work it out. Duh!


So that’s it. The first episode and my first attempt at live blogging. WordPress decided not to save stuff at one stage. That was fun, and I found myself typing too much and not actually watching what was going on!

I think they’ve attempted to have a more diverse range of HM’s this year, which is good. Apparently a few ideas have been taken from the UK Big Brother who have a lot of different people instead of the bland lamo’s we had last year.

I like that they are making them evict someone straight away. The key is to keep them on their toes. Keep it exciting for US. I don’t care if the HM’s are happy or not!

Anyway…that’s it. I’m tired of typing now 🙂