100 Stuffs

Look. Everyone has one. Although I like to be different sometimes, but not this time.

So delve into the world of what it is to know…

100 Stuffs About Mick

1. I was born in 1976.
2. I remember the 1980 Moscow Olympics Theme Song. (Moscow! Moscow! Tra-lalalalalala!)
3. I was born in North Sydney and I like that I was born there.Homes
4. I moved steadily west to Baulkham Hills and then a little place called Marayla (near Windsor/Richmond, west of Sydney)
5. I lived on 5 acres and we had chickens, donkeys, snakes (not pets!) and a log cabin that Dad built. (his name is not Jack)
6. I loved growing up there and have fond memories of it and the school that I went to.
7. A Country Practice used to film in Marayla and I like to tell people that I was in the background of a scene at the local petrol station across the road from the school.
8. Thing is, I always lied and WISHED it was me.
9. I like to pull peanuts apart and look at the little Santa Claus
10. I moved to Canberra in 1988 with my family and just before I started High School
11. Although I loved where I lived, I accepted moving and looked forward to High School in a new place.
12. If I’d stayed in Sydney I may have gone to Jame Ruse Agricultural High School.
13. I am glad I didn’t!
14. I missed out on being Dux of my Primary School by 2 points!
15. I screwed up in the last Maths test.
16. I was a weed back in High School until I started doing 100 pushups and situps a night in Year 9.
17. I had 4 punchups with other guys during my school life.
18. The guy sitting in front of me on my first day of High School had a rats tail. His name is Daryl.
19. In High School I was a Computer/Music/Touch Football/Handball Nerd
20. During my life I have played piano, trumpet, tuba and bass guitar.
21. I have been in several bands and sang and wrote music in one of them.
22. One band was called Space Food.
23. The name lasted about a month and we threw Space Food Sticks out at a concert at Belconnen Community Centre.
24. I love to sing.
25. I don’t think I am that good, but I enjoy it and people seem to think I’m ok.
26. Singstar is fun, and I want to own all of them! (or at least sing them soon. Yes, Aly?)
27. I can’t dance, but I try badly.
28. I married the first person I ever properly went out with.
29. We have 3 wonderful/annoying/bratty/gorgeous kids.
30. We are now seperated, but I see her and the kids regularly.
31. I am not sure when or if I would ever get married again.
32. But I am very open minded.
33. I have 2 sisters who are very different to each other, but I love lots.
34. My little sister is 9 years younger than me and we talk every day. She is da cool.
35. I like to be random.
36. I like to sit on the toilet and do SuDoku puzzles.
37. I love sport.
38. Rugby League and my Parramatta Eels are very important to me.
39. I wish my parents had pushed me to play more sport when I was a kid.
40. I wanted to be a cricketer when I was little.
41. My eldest sons middle name is named after my favourite Australian cricketer.
42. But he wants to change it to a Ninja Turtle name.
43. My daughers middle name is named after my first girl crush
44. I was not allowed to pick the middle name for my 3rd kid.
45. I like you.
46. If you think you glass is half empty, just piss in it a little to go over the halfway mark
47. I am a positive soul.
48. I hate planning.
49. I wish I was a Radio DJ at Triple J
50. It is the greatest radio station in the world.
51. Except when they play Emo crap.
52. Maybe I could be called DJ Dorko.
53. Dorko was a nickname I was given at High School and I used to hate it, but now I embrace it.
54. Music is a big thing for me and I have eclectic tastes.
55. Favourites include Guns n’ Roses, Living Colour, Regurgitator, Metallica, Harry Connick Jr, Jamiroquai and System of a Down
56. As I get older I am becoming more accepting of different forms of music.
57. Except for Emo. That shit can go to hell.
58. My porn name is Tootsie Whitmore.
59. But I cheat because neither of them were actually my first pet or street. Sounds good though hey?
60. I like being 30+
61. I am becoming more accepting of things that I used to hate.
62. I hate hating things.
63. I like to flirt, but am not very good at it.
64. I love cartoons and comics.
65. I have thousands of dollars worth of comics. Especially Batman.
66. Batman kicks arse on Superman and he IS a Superhero thank you Eddie.
67. Donnie Darko is NOT a Superhero, but it is one of my favourite movies of all time.
68. So is Pulp Fiction, Braveheart, Die Hard and Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
69. I wish I could quote Monty Python but I have a bad memory for quoting stuff.
70. I am writing this at work because I don’t have anything to do.
71. I don’t think I have a very good work ethic, but it doesn’t bother me….most of the time.
72. I work with Lotus Notes, which most people hate, but I like.
73. Probably only because I know how it works.
74. I like to say I am a nerd, but really, I don’t think I am.
75. I don’t even like Star Trek.
76. Star Wars on the other hand….
77. I saw Return of the Jedi at the movie theatre on my grandparents wedding anniversary.
78. I lived in Washington DC during 2006.
79. It was a scary, exciting, fantastic, weird experience to live and work in the USA.
80. I don’t ever want to live there again.
81. Except for maybe New York. That place rocks.
82. One day I will live near the coast and walk on the beach every day.
83. But I hate sand.
84. I pick my nose too much and sometimes it bleeds. (You’re not alone Ralph)
85. I hate the fact that I am losing my hair, but don’t mind shaving it.
86. I wish I had great pectoral muscles like Ren.
87. But I have low motivation to go to the gym.
88. You’ve probably stopped reading by now and are bored shitless.
89. Mexican Food is the yummiest food there is.
90. Closely followed by roast pork crackling.
91. My ultimate car is a Lamborghini Diablo.
92. My realistic car is a Holden Monaro (yellow of course)
93. My favourite colour is Yellow
94. I hate texting with abbr.
95. I believe Australia is the best country in the world, but I have only visited 4 others.
96. I love reading other blogs and writing my blog, but I think one day I will give it up.
97. I spend too much time in front of a computer.
98. Maybe I am a nerd.
99. Nerds are yum.
100. This list was fun to write.

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