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Nothing Like a Bit of Toilet Humour.

I interrupt your Wednesday for a Funny….

Please continue 🙂

My Family, Simpsonised.

I am counting the days down till the Simpsons movie opens… (14!) and just to get us in the mood, I have decided to introduce my family, in Simpsons characters 🙂

To start with, there’s the first born. A cutie in any colour.

First Born

Second is the terror. The Middle Child. Syndrome and all.

Second Born

Then there’s the baby. The lil’ one. The BRAT!

Third Born

What an adorable litter! Luckily they all love the Simpsons too 🙂

Then of course, there is the Daddy. Me. Daddy Cool…so to speak..


Oh yes…that’s me. Bright green clothing and all 🙂

But we don’t stop there!

Then there’s my eldest sis,

Simpsons Mel

Couldn’t save that one like the other for some reason!

And there’s the lil’ sis

Simpsons Katie

Yes. She does wear that lime green top every. single. day. Washed it lately Katie?

Then there’s the Dud.

Simpsons Dad

He might not like me for that one. His gut isn’t really that big, but hey…he has to look like Homer.

And there’s Mumsy.

Simpsons Mum

There we go. That’s the family. Simpsonised for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Go and do it yourself…here 

For Aly..

Yay Aly!

We can be X-Men!

Oh, my beloved ice-cream bar. How I love to lick your creamy centre.

After the shit of a week of have had.

And seeing as though I am at work on a Saturday and just want to go home to bed.

I decided to buy myself a little treat.

Something that would make me smile.

Something that I would not have to concentrate on.

Something like….

Yes. Ren and Stimpy! The first 2 seasons. The only seaons that mattered because the creator of the series, John Kricfalusi, then sold the rights to Nickelodean and was fired…from his own show. Dickheads.

It was never the same after that.

What a show.

Pure. Random. Stupidity.

Oh…and if you didn’t know, John K also did the animation for the great Tenacious D song, “Fuck Her Gently”.

Please. Enjoy.

and then…enjoy the old chestnut …. !

I don’t think you’re happy enough!

Mars is Amazing…

I hope you’ve heard of Calvin and Hobbes.

I love comics (add 1 more tick to the nerd column) and Calvin and Hobbes was something that I was introduced to by my best mate back when I was about 12. I’ve never looked back. I have every book Bill Watterson has ever made. I could read them for hours…

The strip creator has never ever sold Calvin and Hobbes out. He maintains that he hates comic strips that whore out themselves with t-shirts, merchandise, tv shows, movies. He quite simply made the comic when and where he wanted. He even had a sabbatical during the peak popularity of his strip. When C & H finished. It finished, and there has not been a peep from him (athough I just discovered you can buy the whole collection in a big volume. SWEET!)

So there’s always been speculation as to what Calvin and his furry friend would be like in cartoon form, or even real life form. I have never ever seen it attempted until I discovered this, from Robot Chicken…

Not quite in the true spirit of the comic, but fucking funny anyway 🙂

If you have never read them? I WILL SEND YOU A COPY. Because you have not lived!

It’s very hard to pick just one or two examples that make this comic so good.

…so Click here to see a random strip!