Mars is Amazing…

I hope you’ve heard of Calvin and Hobbes.

I love comics (add 1 more tick to the nerd column) and Calvin and Hobbes was something that I was introduced to by my best mate back when I was about 12. I’ve never looked back. I have every book Bill Watterson has ever made. I could read them for hours…

The strip creator has never ever sold Calvin and Hobbes out. He maintains that he hates comic strips that whore out themselves with t-shirts, merchandise, tv shows, movies. He quite simply made the comic when and where he wanted. He even had a sabbatical during the peak popularity of his strip. When C & H finished. It finished, and there has not been a peep from him (athough I just discovered you can buy the whole collection in a big volume. SWEET!)

So there’s always been speculation as to what Calvin and his furry friend would be like in cartoon form, or even real life form. I have never ever seen it attempted until I discovered this, from Robot Chicken…

Not quite in the true spirit of the comic, but fucking funny anyway 🙂

If you have never read them? I WILL SEND YOU A COPY. Because you have not lived!

It’s very hard to pick just one or two examples that make this comic so good.

…so Click here to see a random strip!


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One response to “Mars is Amazing…

  • enny

    Calvin and Hobbes reminds me of my Pa – he’d always save the colour comics that came in the paper he walked up the street to buy each week.

    Even when I was visiting him aged 23, he still pointed out that he’d saved the comics and did we want them and they were under the coffee table and he’d go get them, and then I’d tell him I’d get them myself on the way out (he was 98!).

    So, thanks :o)

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