My Family, Simpsonised.

I am counting the days down till the Simpsons movie opens… (14!) and just to get us in the mood, I have decided to introduce my family, in Simpsons characters 🙂

To start with, there’s the first born. A cutie in any colour.

First Born

Second is the terror. The Middle Child. Syndrome and all.

Second Born

Then there’s the baby. The lil’ one. The BRAT!

Third Born

What an adorable litter! Luckily they all love the Simpsons too 🙂

Then of course, there is the Daddy. Me. Daddy Cool…so to speak..


Oh yes…that’s me. Bright green clothing and all 🙂

But we don’t stop there!

Then there’s my eldest sis,

Simpsons Mel

Couldn’t save that one like the other for some reason!

And there’s the lil’ sis

Simpsons Katie

Yes. She does wear that lime green top every. single. day. Washed it lately Katie?

Then there’s the Dud.

Simpsons Dad

He might not like me for that one. His gut isn’t really that big, but hey…he has to look like Homer.

And there’s Mumsy.

Simpsons Mum

There we go. That’s the family. Simpsonised for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Go and do it yourself…here 


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