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NRL 2008 – Round 6 Tips

Righty-o. I’m getting better!

I nabbed 6 from 8 last week, and if it wasn’t for my obsession for tipping my beloved Eels every week, I could have gone better.

I now stand at 24 tipped from 40 games. Just follow me. I know what I’m doing.


The Titans upset my Eels last week, therefore I think they can do it again against the Broncos

The Eels will HAVE to bounce back soon and this will be the week against the old foe, Manly

The Dragons are slowly climbing back to form and they should climb over the lacklustre Bulldogs

I like the Warriors against the Cowboys. I think they sneak this one home.

The Sharks are looking classy this season and should deal with the Panthers easily

Unfortunately the Roosters look like they are back to being a strong team. The Knights will feel their punishment this week

It’s the Heritage Round. 100 years of history between Souths and Wests. I think the Rabbitohs will bring it home for their first win this season.

No contest. The Storm will kill the Raiders. It’s not cold enough here yet.


Thus concludes the winners for this round.

Celebrate 100 years of Rugby League by watching a few games and downing some grog.

It’s what I am doing tonight 🙂


NRL 2008 – Round 5 Tips

How great is it when footy season is on?

Sure. I do love cricket as well, but it doesn’t have the consistent week in, week out excitement and build-up that the footy season brings.

I tipped 5 last week, which seems to be above average, but still not crash hot.

I’m sitting on 18 from 32 at the moment. A whopping 56%! You can bank on these tips!


Storm to beat the Sea-Eagles (again) in last years Grand Final replay.

EELS to get off their ARSE and thrash those Titans. Hopefully…

Dragons will give the Cowboys a touch-up at home..

The Roosters will struggle a bit, but will get over the Panthers.

The Raiders should get over the Tigers, but it will be close.

Warriors to give the Bulldogs a 2nd straight loss and win at home.

Broncos to remain undefeated and beat the Knights.

Sharks to get over the Rabbitohs to keep them win-less (poor Bunnies)


There we have it. The 8 winners this week.

Actually I am thinking I should have picked the Panthers over the Roosters. They were great last week against the Tigers.


NRL 2008 – Round 4 Tips

Well, I should have just tipped all home teams last week. It would have given me a perfect round!

I got 5 from 8, which puts me at a score of 13 from 24. Not too crash hot.

But never fear, Round 4 is here and I am looking forward to my Eels starting a win streak of more than 1!


The Bulldogs will surprise the Roosters in the grudge match of the year.

The Storm will storm back from 2 straight defeats and beat the undefeated Broncos in Melbourne

The Sharks will continue the Dragons year of woe and beat them easily

The Titans will prove they are worthy adversaries at home with a win over the Raiders

The Eels will easily dispose of the shabby Cowboys

The Warriors will bounce back and knock over the Knights

The Sea Eagles will dump the Rabbitohs back to the bottom of the table. (Ouch)

The Tigers will beat the Campbelltown hoodoo and keep the Panthers languishing.


Hope you have a great weekend!

NRL 2008 – Round 3 Tips

Wow. What a crappy week of tipping it was last week.

I don’t feel so bad. Some people got zero tips correct.

So I have tipped 8 from 16 games so far. A very average average of 50%

On to Round 3 and here’s hoping my beloved Eels bounce back tonight and that my tipping form returns!


Eels to give the Knights what-for in a big win!

Broncos to keep those Cowboys at bay and win in a close one

Storm to stop those annoying Roosters

Dragons to get the Raiders at home in a close one

Titans to steamroll the Sharks

Rabbitohs to keep the Panthers winless

Bulldogs to bite the Benji-less Tigers

Sea Eagles to win their first against the Warriors


I think that’s looking pretty good. Gotta keep that tipping percentage up over 50%!

NRL 2008 – Round 2 Tips

Round 1 was a weekend of injuries and come from behind victories.

Well, 1 at least. The Eels came from 20-0 down at half time to record their 2nd biggest comeback EVER!

Benji, Price, Sonny Bill, Wing and Inu all got injuries and then all the pussies came out saying that the game was too rough.

Wah wah wah. We’re not playing Chess here. It’s LEAGUE. FOOTY. A MAN’S GAME.

ok…testosterone levels falling.

I got 5 from 8 last week, which wasn’t a bad effort for Week 1. Here’s Round 2’s tips.


Bulldogs to touch up the forlorn Rabbitohs

Roosters to crow against the Broncos

Raiders to not let me down this week and beat the hapless Panthers (sorry Aly!)

Knights to upset the Sea Eagles, at home

Cowboys to trample the Tigers in a fa-logging

Storm to beat the Sharks in an easy one

Eels to get over the Warriors in NZ. They play well over there

Titans to beat the Dragons. The Dragons may as well give up the season now I reckon.


Go the Eels. Undefeated in ’08!

I hope 🙂

NRL 2008 – Round 1 Tips

And just for the hell of it , here are my Round 1 Tips for 2008.


Rabbitohs to pip the Roosters in a close one.

Titans to smother the Cowboys in a close one first up at their new stadium.

Eels to thrash the Bulldogs in a mauling.

Raiders to topple this years Wooden Spooners in an upset.

Manly to get the Sharks in a close one.

Tigers to roar against the Dragons.

Storm to run all over the Warriors first up.


I usually suck at Footy Tipping because I follow my heart and not my head, but let’s just see how I go!

I’m in about 10 Tipping Comps 🙂