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I’m Sorry, I just can’t not comment..

So, they are talking about banning fireworks in the ACT (again), but apparently a 16 year old is given ‘time out’ to have a ciggie because they are stressed?

This is just too much.

I know that everyone will have a field day with the article in the Sunday Telegraph today.

The RiotACT has also been having fun with this one.

In any case, let us count the ways this is wrong.

1) It sets a precedent to every school-age kid that smokes to tell their teaches they are ‘stressed’ and need a ciggie break.
2) This kid is apparently a pack a day smoker at 16. Her face has been plastered on the net and in the paper. She won’t have much luck buying them herself now, which brings me to..
3) Her mother, a smoker, apparently bribed her daughter with cigarettes to make her do chores and stay in school. Illegal Supplier and Mother of the Year?
4) As a comment on the RiotACT states, when her lungs turn to a pile of black ash, she could conceivably sue the Dept. of Education for allowing her to smoke. (although, perhaps they are not. See note below)
5) The Sunday Telegraph really is a trashy paper and they had nothing better to fill in their 50 points lettering with this week.
6) You cannot smoke in any enclosed areas in the ACT, but for some reason a few colleges (Yr. 11 and 12) in the ACT still allow smoking. A ban is being introduced Jan 1, 2008. Because schools aren’t like the first place to might ban it…
This is a note that Stromlo High has apparently issued to parents:

Makes you wonder what the Sunday Telegraph has to even warrant this story in the first place.

Whatever…. I am just angry cause I watched some of The Tobacco Conspiracy on SBS tonight, and I am in one of those moods. (Read ‘The Truth‘ here)

I really…really hate seeing kids hanging outside the mall smoking. I can’t believe that in this day and age it is still cool to smoke. You can’t tell me rebellion exists in all these teenagers enough to want to smoke for any good reason.

I just can’t see any reason…

I will do everything in my power to help my kids avoid even thinking about smoking, let alone get their hands on them….




The Chaser Popularity Quotient (CPQ)

…or CPQ as I like to call it.

2 years ago, the Chaser were on TV (with the less popular CNNNN) , and were also on JJJ every afternoon, so I figure their CPQ was probably around 3 or 4.

That song Andrew sang last night? He sang the same one on air on JJJ, but with some different words back then. (Stan, Brocky, and Irwin weren’t dead yet)

Any complaints? Probably not many. Unless a granny accidently mis-tuned in their radio.

Fast forward 2 years and they have one of the most popular shows on TV with a CPQ of around 20.
Andrew sings his song on TV last night.

This happens.

Get over it people. It’s satire. It’s comedy, and seriously…some of the lyrics were probably just honest.

And just because they’re more popular, they get hammered by the media about it who hates that they are getting good ratings for their juvenile, satirical, cut to the chase comedy.

Bring it on boys….just stay out of jail!

“You loser, you sent the message to the wrong person.”

So what?

Warne texted this message to the wrong person.

According to Shane they had already split.

Simone went out to the media in a ‘tell all’ interview. SHE approached the magazine herself to make herself a buck.

Media-whore much?

Just another bout of Shane-bashing. Bloody hell. He’s not even playing any more. Leave him alone!

Mick’s Election Date Tipping Comp

Ok, it’s getting close.

You can smell it in the air.

Election TIME is almost here!

Mind you, it’s also one of the most frustrating times because of all the fucking lame advertisements, debates and discussion about who will win and who’s the lesser fuckwit.

Then there’s all the talk about preferences and minor parties and balance of power. Blah blah fucking blah.

So let’s make this exciting.

We need an Election Date Tipping Comp!

I think now’s about the right time to kick it off as APEC is on and there is no chance Johnny will call it while it’s on.

So, according to the AEC Federal Election Timetable (yawn…if you could be bothered reading it), there are from 33 to 68 days between the dissolution of government and the polling day. Usually it’s the minimum, around 5 weeks.

So. I think the earliest the polling day would be is the 13th of October (if election was called around the 15th of September) and it would not be in December at all. So there’s about a 6 week period there that it could be.

Any bets? Any tips?

My bet?

Lock it in Eddie.

Election called on the 21st of Septmber for an October 20th Poll.

Let me know your tip!

Person who gets closest to both dates wins….something…that I will make up….really!

Mr. JoEy’s (beautiful) Blues*

I was naive.

I didn’t believe that Andrew Johns was intending to take that tablet.

When he announced on the Footy Show tonight that he was going to take that tablet, I was stunned.

When he announced that he had taken drugs over the last 10 yrs or more, I was fucking floored.

Then he revealed he’d been on anti-depressives for the last 5 years, and I started to think.

Joey, although he’s been a fairly happy-go-lucky character has always seemed that little bit sad to me and if you compare him to his wacky Bro, he is positivity morose.

I feel bad for him. He looked shattered in the interview tonight and was holding back the tears. He has been holding on to this secret for a long time. He has dodged drug tests (of which he has had 20 – 30). He admitted to an alcohol problem which he says leads to the drug use.

But, ultimately, it’s not the drug use that I see as a big problem. All sorts of people take drugs. Friends, family, workmates, bosses, mothers, fathers and many other footballers. It’s not just for the drug-addled junkies and addicts.

I think LaLa nailed it on the head when we were talking about it earlier tonight. We, as Australians, tend to put our sportstars on a pedestal. Perhaps to heights that they shouldn’t be at. We revere them, we idolise them and yes, I believe that kids see them as heroes.

And more and more it seems that these sportstars are coming crashing to earth with revelations of their personal lives that we don’t want to hear.

Joey will be ripped to shreds now and I don’t think he deserves it. He no longer plays the game but he made enormous contributions to Rugby League and Australian sport in general.

Remember him for that, not his unfortunate personal life.

If not for him, then for his 7 yr old son.

* Apologies to The Eels (the band, not the awesome team!)

Smoking and Festivals?

As recently reported on Triple J’s Hack, the WA Government has recently announced sponsorship of an outdoor music festival to stop them from promoting and selling cigarettes at the event. The money that the government has offered is compensation to the event organisers who will not be allowing Tobacco companies to sell their product at the event and will also be making the event Smoke-Free offering punters lolly-pops as an alternative.

This has raised the topic of smoking tents at bigger festivals such as Homebake, Big Day Out and The Falls Festival.

The most contentious part of the discussion is that the ‘merchants of death’ are promoting their product with funky lounge-chaired tents with boppy music and bright lights.

Not that bright lights and dance music are necessarily going to make people want to smoke, but the point is, should a festival be taking money from Tobacco companies to sell cigarettes at an event? From all reports they pay a pretty penny to set up their tents and market their evil product.

What ever happened to the ban on cigarette advertising? Isn’t this just a sneaky way for them to get around it and promote their product?

Until this topic was raised I had never thought about the smoking tents at The Big Day Out. I just presumed they were part of the promoters sales and they would make money on it. The main issue I have is when people smoke in the mosh pit. When you have 5000 people crammed into a spot the size of a football field the last thing you want is for your gasps of fresh air to be filled with toxic fumes.

As much as I hate smoking, I think that making an event such as the Big Day Out smoke free is probably going too far, although I think a Mosh Pit ban would be worthwhile.

Should promoters be accepting money from Tobacco companies to sell their products on site? I have to agree with the comments made on the radio today. Promoting a product that kills over 20,000 people a year at a youth-targeted event is irresponsible and greedy.

Get rid of it Ken West.

Which one was a dive?

There were 2 notable “dives” in the last 2 days.

One involved a player in my favourite team who has been accused of diving.

Hayne Knocked Out

Although when you have a mountain of a man running straight at your head, I think ‘diving’ is probably the last thing on your mind. Surviving is probably more worthwhile.

Don’t get me started on Bennett and Lockyers’ comments. They can both go fuck themselves….if they aren’t already.

Then we have the “leader” of this country diving onto the floor before an interview.

Is it just me, or is the sight of John “John Hunt is a Coward” Howard on all fours just a little arousing.

Perfect position for the traditional boot up the arse I reckon. How about one for every year of your life?

Now, I wouldn’t for one second be surprised if Howard would pull a stunt to get public sympathy. Maybe a Heart Murmur? What about some diabetes?

But tripping up over his old, aging bones is just funny as hell. When you get that old, don’t people say, “Oh…he had a fall”.


(seriously. Freeze Frame it. Play it over and over. It’s worth it.)

Surely has to be a contender for Australia’s Funniest Home Videos doesn’t it?

Inhale, Inhale, You’re the victim.

“Come play my game.
Inhale, inhale, you’re the victim.
Come play my game.
Exhale, exhale, exhale.”

No. Not a huge fan of the Prodigy (although that is a pretty kick-arse song)


A whole lot of windbagging and tabloid filler has been in the air this week, and funnily enough it all began with an innocuous interview on Triple J.

Listen to it here. (4 1/2 mins in)

I just think it’s amazing that somehow, a staffer for Malcolm Turnbull heard this interview, went “Ha! Time to discredit the Opposition by forcing an ex Rocker to admit he smoked dope! That’ll get us the old fart vote!” and then notified the media.

And the fact that it actually became news and actually warranted 108 articles on Google News astonishes me.

Triple J have dozens of interviews every week with various musical stars and guests, entertainers, politicians (although, NEVER John Howard in ALL the years he has been PM. Don’t get me started…) and I doubt that most of the media even give a passing glance to the comments made by the interviewees.

Johns has come out and said it was a joke. An exaggeration perhaps? I still think the image of Bono, Daniel Johns, Natalie Imbruglia and Peter Garrett in a bed smoking a joint and listening to Young Modern is pretty cool.

In other Rocking news. I just bought me a ticket to see the Hoodoo Gurus at The Venue. It’s a newish gig house in Erindale and I can’t wait to see ’em in an intimate setting, just as they should be seen. We’ll ignore the fact that I saw them last at their ‘farewell’ tour! (same as with another band we know!)