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If you have not met them yet.

Allow me to introduce you to MGMT.

Watch, listen and lose yourself.

It’s like psychodelia for a new generation, or for an older generation that wishes they were still young.

This was the first song I heard from them. I remembered their name and hoped I would hear more….

Before too long I heard this…

….and fell in love.

This, their latest song, has only served to continue my infatuation.

Their album, “Oracular Spectacular” is one of my favourites of the year.

Look for it….

ps – Who wants to come to their Sydney show with me?

(Kids x 3) + Sydney + Footy + 11 hours of driving = 1 Tired Dad

So after moving all of my stuff out of my place (more on that some time) and into various nooks and crannies on Friday, and getting a sore throat, stuffed up nose in the process, I took the kids up to Sydney on Friday arvo.

The original idea was to go to the Parramatta v Penrith game because the boys go for Parra and my daughter goes for Penrith. Also, I hadn’t been to a game in a while and thought it would be a good chance to get away on the weekend before the school holidays.

They wore me the hell out, but we had fun. They travel pretty well in the car, but it’s the dragging around Sydney that gets pretty hard.

We went on a ferry and a train (in the same day!) which was a first for them. They saw the sights of the harbour and hopefully it’ll be something they remember. LaLa got to experience managing 3 tired kids while being sick herself. Fun!

I must admit that I always forget and underestimate how much work it is to take the kids on a trip. With the excitement of being away, and the chance to take advantage of Dad, they can be a handful.

The 4 year old is constantly hungry, or sleepy, and I must have taken the boys to the toilet about 20 times. Bladders of a pregnant woman I tell you!

The footy on Sunday was fun. We had front row seats, which I thought would be good, but unfortunately the fence was so high that the kids struggled to see over it. Next time, a few rows back would work better 🙂

The result wasn’t the best, but I think the kids enjoyed it. The boisterous drunken outbursts from fans behind us will surely burn into their brain. Fortunately they weren’t witness to the racial abuse that apparently happened.

I thnk we ate way too much junk food, but hey…that’s what holidays are for hey?

I still wanna see Kung Fu Panda though. I was going to use the kids as an excuse to see it….but might have to see it myself now 🙂

So, back to work. Still got a scratchy throat and stuffed up nose, but instead get to share it with workmates. Yay for them 🙂

3 weeks till I head back to Sydney.


Time is going so slow.

Lest we Forget…

I nearly lost a child today.

But let me go backwards a little.

I have had the kids stay over this week for school holidays.

It’s been great, but I must admit I have been a little worn out by them. Also, I’m glad my ears are already ringing because the squeals are loud enough to smash glass.

We’ve watched movies, gone shopping, played interesting games of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where I am Master Splinter (the rat).

Then, this morning we planned to see the balloons, which meant dragging my sorry, tired, butt out of bed at 6am and trying to decide whether or not to wake the kids and head out into the 8 degree morning (balmy for this time of year!).

The ear piercing alarm from my daughters alarm clock made my mind up for me as the kids launched out of bed and got dressed in many layers.

We scored a sweet park right next to the lawns of Old Parliament House and then went and checked them all out…

Mmm…the heat from the flame warms us up…

The eyes on this thing freaked me out a little…

This Kookaburra was the pick of the balloons this morning. I think there will be more on the weekend.

The obligatory reflection shot worked well…

He doesn’t even have to pose and he takes a good pic…

They were having a good time and then we decided to head off to the car and then grab some Macca’s for breakfast…

I walked my eldest son across the road, and then my 9 yr old daughter had my 4 yr old sons hand and were on the other side of the road. All of a sudden, he decides to pull out of her hand and run across the road. I noticed a car heading down the road from the left and I yelled out to him. I was about to run out to get him when a car screamed past from the right, in between me and my boy. I swear this car must have been going over 40kph and was within a metre of hitting both me and my son.

He ended up standing in the middle of the road as these 2 cars went around him.

it was crazy. it was so sudden and it scared the shit out of all of us. My daughter took it worst of all as she felt responsble for him, but it was not her fault at all. He just pulled out of her hand to run to  me.

The ride to Macca’s was a quiet one except for me stressing to the boy to be MUCH more careful when crossing and to always hold a hand. Stuff that he already knows.

Besides that, we went to the War Memorial this arvo and the kids had a great time in the Discovery Zone and looking at the dioramas.

After a long long day they hit the hay early. I think I need it too as I’m supposed to be going to work tomorrow.

Gah…why did I do that?

Big weekend coming up as well!

The Drop Bears have 2 gigs this weekend.

Friday night at the Holy Grail in Kingston and Saturday at the Tuggies Club (Vikings) in Erindale.

LaLa will also be in town which is great. I think we’ve opted out of hitting the balloons again this year though 🙂

Hope you have a good ANZAC Weekend.

And here’s hoping my son doesn’t forget how to cross a road…