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Inspiration with extra Respiration

My gorgeous LaLa has made it 6 months without one puff on a cigarette and I am so amazingly proud of her.

Her last ciggie was at 10:30pm on New Years Eve, and although those first couple of weeks were tough on my arms (pinchy pinchy!), I am sure it was even tougher for her.

It’s not to say that these 6 months haven’t been stressful either, because I know they have been. It’s hard enough dealing with a long distance relationship, work stresses, friend stresses and life in general, but she has done it without giving in to the urge that she had for 11 years.

It just goes to show that anyone can do it. Smoking is slowly becoming one of those things that we will look back on one day and wonder, “Why?”. It’s already hard to imagine that people once used to smoke at their desk at work, or in movie theatres, let along airplanes or hospitals.

I have no more words to say other than…


And you smell damn good too. 🙂

No Smoking 101

Today marks the 101st day of no smoking for my wonderful LaLa.

I am bloody proud of her for kicking the habit after 11 years and to go smoke free for 101 days straight with just using patches for the first couple of weeks is outstanding.

I have to admit that at times I was worried that she might fall off the wagon, and my arms have been subject to scratches and pinches when the cravings got bad, but it’s a small price to pay!

So go and congratulate the LaLa on a job well done!

I’m Sorry, I just can’t not comment..

So, they are talking about banning fireworks in the ACT (again), but apparently a 16 year old is given ‘time out’ to have a ciggie because they are stressed?

This is just too much.

I know that everyone will have a field day with the article in the Sunday Telegraph today.

The RiotACT has also been having fun with this one.

In any case, let us count the ways this is wrong.

1) It sets a precedent to every school-age kid that smokes to tell their teaches they are ‘stressed’ and need a ciggie break.
2) This kid is apparently a pack a day smoker at 16. Her face has been plastered on the net and in the paper. She won’t have much luck buying them herself now, which brings me to..
3) Her mother, a smoker, apparently bribed her daughter with cigarettes to make her do chores and stay in school. Illegal Supplier and Mother of the Year?
4) As a comment on the RiotACT states, when her lungs turn to a pile of black ash, she could conceivably sue the Dept. of Education for allowing her to smoke. (although, perhaps they are not. See note below)
5) The Sunday Telegraph really is a trashy paper and they had nothing better to fill in their 50 points lettering with this week.
6) You cannot smoke in any enclosed areas in the ACT, but for some reason a few colleges (Yr. 11 and 12) in the ACT still allow smoking. A ban is being introduced Jan 1, 2008. Because schools aren’t like the first place to might ban it…
This is a note that Stromlo High has apparently issued to parents:

Makes you wonder what the Sunday Telegraph has to even warrant this story in the first place.

Whatever…. I am just angry cause I watched some of The Tobacco Conspiracy on SBS tonight, and I am in one of those moods. (Read ‘The Truth‘ here)

I really…really hate seeing kids hanging outside the mall smoking. I can’t believe that in this day and age it is still cool to smoke. You can’t tell me rebellion exists in all these teenagers enough to want to smoke for any good reason.

I just can’t see any reason…

I will do everything in my power to help my kids avoid even thinking about smoking, let alone get their hands on them….