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Cricket. What happened to you?

Is it just me, or do others feel that cricket has lost it’s lustre?

I remember the days, back in the mid 80’s. Lillee, Border, Marsh (both), Boon, McDermott, Merv, O’Donnell, Jones.

We had a magical team back then. Cricket was THE national Australian sport. Played everywhere. Watched by everyone.

What’s happened?

We’re facing a 7 game losing streak in One Day Internationals. We don’t hold the Ashes. Crowds are falling. Match Fixing allegations are flying.

It feels like the game is self-imploding. If it weren’t for the big money coming from India, I think it would be even closer to death.

We lost to Sri Lanka the other night because we couldn’t get their No. 10 and 11 batsmen out! Sad sad sad.

The last few years have really been disappointing for me as a cricket fan. I’ll go as far as to say that I’ve lost interest in most aspects of the game apart from test matches. 20/20 matches, for me, have ruined the original shortened version of the game, the 50 over ODI’s. The everyday fan is so keen to see players attempting to smash every ball and to have the game wrap up in 3 hours that they’ve given up on the laborious 50 over match.

At least test matches still hold that traditional feel, but when the Pakistani’s start to mess with match fixing, it even ruins the pure perfect version of the game.

I went to Lord’s in July and watched the Australians play Pakistan on the hallowed turf. It was a fantastic atmosphere being at the ‘home’ of cricket. Listening to poms around me, taking in the MCC members, drinking the English beer. It really hits home as to what cricket is about.

How can it recover? How can cricket come back to what it used to be?

Maybe McDonalds should start giving out posters of the teams from the ‘World Series of Cricket’ again. Maybe we should ditch 20/20’s and focus on the One Dayer again. I mean, did you see the 20/20 the other night? We were crap. We couldn’t slog to save ourselves, and if you don’t slog in a slogfest, what’s the point??

I still love the sound of leather on willow, the voice of the Channel 9 commentators and the local ABC radio covering the tests, but I am getting close to giving up on the shortened bastardised version unless something changes soon.

And to those that say 20/20 is the future, take a look at yourselves. It’s nothing more than a short, talent-less money grab. You don’t need a lot of skill to swing the bat and hope for a 6 or to bowl slower balls every 2nd ball to confuse the batter that has pre-determined his slog (shot).

I would be happy for 20/20’s to disappear from the game altogether, but of course that’s not going to happen whilst it is making more money than ODI’s and Test matches.

Music conquers all

One of the main reasons I want to get this blog going again is to bang on about my love of music, concerts and Triple J.

If you know me, you know that I am a vocal supporter of music I love and I try to get to as many concerts as I can.

Having said that, the first half of this year was quite slack for concerts.

The second half of this year includes: Metallica, Regurgitator, The Tongue, Powderfinger, Metallica (again), Muse, U2.

Another reason I wanted to post is because the ARIA Award Nominations are up again.

I have enjoyed commenting on previous awards and nominations as you can tell…

So, it’s time to comment on this years nominations, and I must say I am pleasantly surprised.

Gone are the days that new Australian music was dominated by Neighbours stars, dodgy guitar bands or Farnsy coming back (oh wait, he’s got a new album. WTF!?)

It seems that new music is being dictated by hard working indie (sometimes) bands and artists rather than the major label pushed carbon copies that we’ve seen in the past. This is great news for artists like Angus & Julia Stone, Tame Impala, Washington and Lisa Mitchell.

Just check out the noms for Best Album!

Album of the Year

Angus & Julia Stone – Down The Way – These guys have been so damn impressive since I first heard their EP about 4 years ago. I finally saw them live on a big stage at a festival in England and they were one of the highlights of the whole 3 days. Not just for me, but many others. Beautiful voices and very VERY talented.

Birds of Tokyo – Birds Of Tokyo – I have been torn on these guys. Their first album came out when I was in the US, so I didn’t hear it till the hype and died down and I thought they were just a little bit commericial and had that dreaded ‘Pop Rock’ vibe. A’la Nickelback, Creed etc.. Then I find out that the lead singer is Ian Kenny, of Karnivool fame. What the hell is he doing fronting this ‘soft’ rock band? This made me listen to them a little more, but still, I find it hard to get into them. They sound like a mix of Silverchair and INXS. Obviously the commercial tilt of their music helps get gigs on Sunrise and The Footy Show, so I can’t begrudge them the success, but still, not really my cup of tea.

Sia – We Are Born – What can be said about this woman. She’s done a lap of the world and now comes back to Australia to conquer with this amazing new sound. This album almost never happened as her record company wanted her to continue to release the slow, croony atmospheric music that she’s been known for. Instead she gets out of her contract, releases her poppiest album ever and blows us all away. Love the new stuff. Love the old stuff. Love Sia.

Tame Impala – Innerspeaker – If you are happy to be transported to the decade of the 1970’s, the era of wah-wah guitars, bong smoke and reverberating vocals, then you will love Tame Impala. They have been a slow burner with me. I heard their early stuff and was only slightly impressed, but after witnessing them on-stage at this years Big Day Out and then hearing their new album my eyes have opened wider to them. Not only for their new take on an old genre, but the epicness of their sound. I am happy to see them nommed here. They could have very easily been wisped away in clouds of hemp…

Washington – I Believe You Liar – Anyone that saw Megan Washington on Spicks and Specks earlier in the year would have immediately understood that this woman is going to go far. She has the charisma, personality but most importantly THE VOICE to take the world by storm. For a band to come from being unearthed by Triple J in November 2008 to being nommed for Best Album within 2 years is impressive to say the least! Admittedly I haven’t listened to this album enough to really appreciate it, but great to see them nominated.

I wonder if there are people out there that have not heard of any of these artists. I could understand if Tame Impala and Washington may not be widely played on commercial radio across the country, but I would be very disappointed if people had not heard of Sia, Birds of Tokyo and the Stone siblings.

The fact that all 5 bands are heavily rotated on Triple J is not a fluke. They are the biggets supporters of Australian music in the country. It’s almost become a machine in itself, the Triple J unearthed machine. It’s so massive that I guess you can never give exposure to every talented artist in the country, but at least, bit by bit, they get airplay, exposure and the chance to show their stuff.

The rest of the noms: (my tip to win has a ✓)

Single of the Year

Angus & Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane (Original Matters/EMI)

Birds of Tokyo – Plans (EMI)

Sia – Clap Your Hands (Monkey Puzzle/Inertia)

The Temper Trap – Love Lost (Liberation Music)

✓ Washington – How To Tame Lions (Mercury/UMA)

So hard to pick a winner in this category. They are seriously all excellent songs. I went for Washington simply because I think it’s a little bit above Big Jet Plane and Clap Your Hands in my mind. Would really be happy for any of them to win though..

Best Female Artist

Clare Bowditch – Modern Day Addiction (Island/UMA)

Kylie Minogue – Aphrodite (Mushroom Records/Warner Music)

Lisa Mitchell – Oh! Hark! (Warner Music Australia)

✓ Sia – We Are Born (Monkey Puzzle/Inertia)

Washington – I Believe You Liar (Mercury/UMA)

Have we had a stronger bunch of women nominees in recent history? I don’t think so! Great to see Clare Bowditch get a nom, as well as Kylie even. I would love and am going for Sia to claim this award, but I reckon Washington will get it.

Best Male Artist

Dan Kelly – Dan Kelly’s Dream (Shock)

✓ Dan Sultan – Get Out While You Can (MGM)

Guy Sebastian – Like It Like That (Sony Music)

John Butler – April Uprising (Jarrah Records/MGM)

Paul Dempsey – Fast Friends (EMI)

Have you heard of Dan Sultan? He sounds like Frank Sinatra Elvis Presley (oops) and looks like Adonis. Seriously, he’s got ALL that. The moves, the voice, the poses and the charisma. A deadset legend and I hope he gets this award although If Paul Dempsey got it, I would not be disappointed.

Best Group

Angus & Julia Stone – Down The Way (Original Matters/EMI)

Birds of Tokyo – Birds Of Tokyo (EMI)

Powderfinger – Golden Rule (UMA)

Tame Impala – Innerspeaker (Modular Recordings)

✓ The Temper Trap – Love Lost (Liberation Music)

Again, I would not be upset if any of these bands won, even Powderfinger, even though their last album doesn’t cut the mustard, would be worthy winners of their 16th ARIA (thanks LaLa). I am picking Temper Trap to take this one though because they have really taken the world by storm in the last year or so and it would be worthy recognition for all their hard-work. I would love Angus & Julia Stone to get it as well, but they will get their chance..

Best Independent Release

✓ Art vs Science – Magic Fountain (Green/MGM)

Dan Sultan – Get Out While You Can (MGM)

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Rush to Relax (Suppression Records/Shock)

John Butler Trio – April Uprising (Jarrah Records/MGM)

Sia – We Are Born (Monkey Puzzle/Inertia)

Eddy Cuz get a nomination for their kick-arse album. I would love to see them get up, but I think Art vs Science will get it for their seriously awesome song, Magic Fountain. Listen to it once and it’ll be stuck in your head all day…

Best Adult Alternative Album

Angus & Julia Stone – Down The Way (Original Matters/EMI)

Basement Birds – Basement Birds (Basement Birds)

✓ Clare Bowditch – Modern Day Addiction (Island/UMA)

The Cat Empire – Cinema (EMI)

Washington – I Believe You Liar (Mercury/UMA)

Whitley – Go Forth, Find Mammoth (Dew Process/Universal Music)

Adult Alternative? What the hell is that? Is that for all us oldies that remember when Alternative music was Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam? In any case, I hope  Clare Bowditch picks this up. Not only is it a great album, but she’s a great bird and I believe in sharing the awards around 🙂

Best Dance Release

Art vs Science – Magic Fountain (Green/MGM)

✓ Miami Horror Sometimes (EMI)

Midnight Juggernauts – The Crystal Axis (Siberia/Inertia)

Pendulum – Immersion (Warner Bros UK)

Yolanda Be Cool and Dcup – We No Speak Americano (Sweat it Out/Central Station Records)

Miami Horror should win this hands-down. They’ve had a massive year and have really exploded onto the local and international scene with this album. If Pendulum or Art vs Science win, I’d accept it..

Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album

Airbourne – No Guts, No Glory (EMI)

✓ Dead Letter Circus – This is the Warning (Warner Music Australia)

Parkway Drive – Deep Blue (Resist Records/Shock)

The Amity Affliction – Youngbloods (Boomtown/Shock)

Violent Soho – Violent Soho (Liberation Music)

Airbourne? I haven’t ever heard these guys. Are they any good? What do they play? I didn’t even realise they were Australian. Some solid competition in this category. Parkway Drive could win for pure Metal brilliance, but I would love to see Dead Letter Circus win to recognise their tireless touring and quality album.

Best Pop Release

✓ Bluejuice – Head of the Hawk (Dew Process/Universal Music)

Empire of the Sun – Half Mast (EMI)

Guy Sebastian – Like It Like That (Sony Music)

Kylie Minogue – Aphrodite (Warner Music Australia)

Sia – We Are Born (Monkey Puzzle/Inertia)

Bluejuice, muthafuckas! So awesome that they have a nomination for their fantastic Head of the Hawk. I hope they win just for the simple fact that their acceptance speech will be awesome.

Best Rock Album

Birds of Tokyo – Birds Of Tokyo (EMI)

Cloud Control – Bliss Release (Ivy League Records/Universal)

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Rush to Relax (Suppression Records/Shock)

Powderfinger – Golden Rule (UMA)

✓ Tame Impala – Innerspeaker (Modular Recordings)

At least they’ve separated Rock and Hard Rock now. Not sure how Cloud Control are Rock though. Throw this in the air and see who wants it the most. If it knocks out Bernard Fanning, he’s too old and then hand it to Tame Impala.

Best Urban Album

Bliss N Eso – Running on Air (Illusive Sounds)

Lowrider – Round the World (Illusive Sounds)

M-Phazes – Good Gracious (Obese Records)

Space Invadas – Soul-Fi (Invada/Inertia)

✓ Urthboy – Spitshine (Elefant Traks/Inertia)

My man Urthboy HAS to get this award or I will track down the voters and slap them. Legend album and legend dude.

Breakthrough Artist

Amy Meredith – Restless (Sony Music)

Cloud Control – Bliss Release (Ivy League Records/Universal)

✓ Philadelphia Grand Jury – Hope is for Hopers (Normal People Making Music/Boomtown/Shock)

Tame Impala – Innerspeaker (Modular Recordings)

Washington – I Believe You Liar (Mercury/UMA)

Hey, how did the Philly Jays get in here? I thought they’d been forgotten! I think they deserve to pick up this award. Sure, Washington will probably get it for their breakthrough stuff, but the Philly Jays have had a massive year and deserve some recognition.


There we go. My yearly wrap-up of the nominees. If you made it to the end, I commend you!

Give me your take on the nominees and who you think should win. After-all I am just speaking out of my butt most of the time..

A Bolt out of the Beijing

Had to stay up tonight to watch some history.

History in the form of the freak of nature that is Usain Bolt.

If anyone stayed up on Saturday night, you would have seen Bolt win the 100m, in a stroll. He looked like he slowed down to win the highlight of the track in 9.69 seconds. A World Record.

Tonight it was the 200m. He jogged in the semi-final so there was really no doubt that he would win the final, but could he break Michael Johndon’s record from 1996 in Atlanta?

This guy is amazing. 6 Foot 5, personality and guts.

He killed them. Won the 200m in World Record time. 19.3 seconds. 0.2 seconds off Johnson’s record, into a head wind.

I don’t wanna go all Bruce McAvaney on your arse, but it was simply breath-taking.

The Olympics throw up so many surprises. I have been loving the efforts of the Sailors and the Opals and Boomers (who unfortunately went down to the Dream Team from the US tonight).

The Silver from Sally McLellan was pretty special last night too, and so was her reaction!

The BMX started today and I was glued to it at work (Thank you streaming). Great to see the Aussie that changed his name to Kamakazi sprint around the track.

What an awesome name.

I wanna change my name to a one word name as well.

Any ideas?

Olympic Pronunciation

I’m loving the Olympics right now.

I didn’t think I was that interested in it coming this time. I didn’t feel there was much hype about it or build up.

I have great memories of past Olympics. All the way back to the ‘Moscow..Moscow…tra la la la la la la’ theme from the 1980 Olympics (I was 4), to the efforts of Dean Lukin, Glynis Nunn in LA in 1984 to Debbie Flintoff-King and Duncan Armstrong at the 1988 Barcelona games. It’s still burnt into my brain.

I love the surprises that the Olympics always seem to throw up. Canoeing, Tae-Kwan-Do, Archery. Those obscure sports that you only think about every 4 years.

Channel Seven’s coverage has been pretty ordinary and blasted all over the place, but at the end of the day there are a shitload of events to cover and unless you can watch all day and spend time with every sport, you’ve got no chance, so you have to settle for the highlights they show in prime time.

What shits me though is the pronunciation of Beijing.

Am I wrong in thinking that it has always been pronounced as ‘Beige-ing’?

Why is it that ALL the Seven commentators have obviously been told to pronounce it as ‘Bay-Jing’

It sounds like how Kath & Kim would say it. “Let’s sit down with a bottle of ‘cardonay’ and watch the ‘Bay Jing’ Olympics”

Edit: Ok…I have gone and googled the pronunciation and apparently it’s said right by the commentators, but it still sounds STUPID

Anyway, GO THE AUSSIES. Let’s being home at least 10 golds and celebrate another successful games. We can’t expect to get another 17 this time!

Mick’s 2008 NRL Preview


Yes! It’s back, and here’s my annual (2nd straight year!) preview

But first, let’s see how I did last year with my fearless predictions

I predicted:


My Tips

What Happened


























Gold Coast



St. George-Illawarra




New Zealand


North Queensland

Melbourne (+4 places)

Manly (+7)

North Queensland (+13)

New Zealand (+10)

Parramatta (-4)

Bulldogs (-4)

Souths (-2)

Brisbane (-5)


Wests (-2)

Sydney (+1)

Sharks (+1)

Gold Coast (-4)

St.George-Illawarra (-3)

Canberra (-1)

Newcastle (-9)

Penrith (-1)

Well, my top 4 were way off, but I didn’t do too badly with the rest of them. Was within 2 places for 6 of the teams!

Anyway, last year I was coming off a year in the USA so I had no idea. This year I have been reading the form guides, watching The Footy Show and all revved up for a HUGE Centenary season of the NRL.

I’m not going to give a rundown on every team this year, simply because I couldn’t be arsed, but here is how I think they will finish up this season!

1st – Parramatta Eels – Yes. I am sticking with them as any good supporter would. We have a perfectly balanced team in talent, but not the perfectly balanced mindset. If they can sort their heads out this year, they will blow most teams off the park

2nd – Melbourne Storm – They were dominant all of last year, and the year before that and I can’t see that changing this year. They could go back-to-back, but they’ll have to get past the might of the Eels first!

3rd – Manly Sea-Eagles – As much as I hate the damn silvertails, they will put in another good season, especially to give Beaver Menzies a big send-off. Look for another big year from Jamie (traitor) Lyon.

4th – North Queensland Cowboys – If the Bowen/Thurston show stays fit, they will easily fit into the Top 4 this year. Little did I know this time last year how potent they can be! Mind you, I think they lack depth and could drop fast if their top players are injured

5th – Sydney Roosters – I love to hate them, as does most of the country, but they have a solid team this year after buying up big (and I mean BIG) with Mason and Myles. The Roosters have been out of contention for a while, but this year they will bounce right back

6th – South Sydney Rabbitohs South Sydney Rabbitohs – They finally now have the firepower to fit into this comp. They have a whole lot to prove, but I think they finally have the right mix. They will be up there this year

7th – Cronulla Sharks – I like the comination of Kimmorley, Bird and Gallen and I think they will bring this team back to the Finals. It’s been a while!

8th – Wests Tigers – With a fit Benji and Farah, Hodgson and Morris, they will scrape into the finals this year.

9th – Bulldogs – Although they still have a lot of fire power up front, I think the decline of the Bulldogs has begun, starting with tomorrow’s thrashing by the Eels!

10th – Gold Coast Titans – They had a big opening season, but they really dropped off in the latter half.If their personnel stays fit I think they can improve their standing, but will still be shy of the Playoffs.

11th – New Zealand Warriors – Although they still have the old heads of Steve Price and now Brent Tate, I don’t think it will be enough to make the Warriors anything but an annoying trip across the Tasman.

12th – St.George-Illawarra Dragons – This will be a tough year for Nathan Brown and his troops. Unless Gasnier and Cooper can keep the ship afloat, I think it will be a lean season for them

13th – Canberra Raiders – Things aren’t all doom and gloom for the Raiders, but they will still struggle. They do have some up and coming talent in the side and Carney should become a revelation for the local region if he performs, stays off the plonk and the roads. Then again, he just has to stay in Canberra for that to happen. It won’t be the best year for the Raiders again. They still lack the experience, with no-one in the side having played more than 150 games, to win the big close games.

14th – Brisbane Broncos – It’s not often I would pick the Broncos to finish down here, but it’s my big pick this year. They didn’t make the finals last year and even with Lockyer trying his hardest, I think they will really struggle this year. Playing in Brisbane will no longer mean certain death!

15th – Penrith Panthers – They stole the wooden spoon off the Knights last year, but should reverse positions this time. They still have some quality players in their team like Rooney and now Civoniceva, but I can’t see them threatening too many teams yet.

16th – Newcastle Knights – The poor old Knights really took a tumble after mourning their greatest players fall last year. I’m afraid it won’t get much better for them as Buderus has just announced his defection to England next year and they really lack any sort of firepower to support him. Spoon goes to the Knights this year!


So there we go. The way it will be this season.

That’s right, because I am the Guru of the Greatest Game of All 🙂


Bang, Bang, You’re Fucked.

It’s been a while since I have been anticipating a new Aussie drama on TV.

To be honest, I watch very little TV.

I became bored with the CSI’s and Law n’ Orders such a long time ago and the number of regular shows I watch could be counted on one hand.

But Channel Nine’s new show, Underbelly looks bloody awesome.


Because it’s AUSSIE, and it doesn’t LOOK Aussie.

The last good Aussie show I watched was Last Man Standing, produced and written by our (and Triple J’s) very own Marieke Hardy, (aka Ms Fits from RYWHM). It was a show that was written well and felt real, unlike so many forced Aussie dramas that have come and gone. Unfortunately it lasted a whole one season, which still grinds my gears.

But back to Underbelly. How about the build-up to this show?

Firstly, the Victorian Supreme Court has decided it has to watch all 14 hours of the show to determine whether or not it can be shown at all, or just not in Victoria as the content is based on the real life mob and gangland war in Melbourne.

Then the Australian Family Association (AFA) has come out and said that it’s too graphic and that Nine should not show it at 8.30pm.

Nine will be rubbing their hands at the publicity for their first episode that is to be shown tomorrow night as a 2 hour special. Poor old House on Ch. 10 could be the loser of the night!

Seen the cast?

Not bad I reckon.
I haven’t been this keen for a new Aussie show since The Secret Life of Us, or maybe Good News Week Nite Lite.

UPDATE: The Supreme Court has ordered that the series not be shown on Victorian TV indefinitely.

HA! Too bad Mexicans!

The 2007 J Award – Preview

The 3rd annual J Awards are going to be announced on Friday (Wolfmother – 2005, Hilltop Hoods – 2006) and there are some mighty contenders for the prize this year.

One category. One Winner. The best Australian Album of the year.

I like the fact that the J Award will go to a band that has had the biggest influence on the Australian music scene during the year and not who sold the most records.

I will be announcing my annual top 5 albums of the year soon, but until then….

The J Award:

The criteria:
The J Award is for an album of outstanding achievement as an Australian musical work of art – for its creativity, innovation, musicianship and contribution to Australian music.

I haven’t heard all the nominated albums this year, but most of them and here’s my thoughts..(in red)

John Butler Trio John Butler Trio
Grand National
Amazing Album. Great Band. I think it’s their best album yet and the live show was outstanding.
Josh Pyke Josh Pyke
Memories & Dust
Personally, this is one of my favourite albums of the year as well. Josh Pyke has a habit of making me smile. I listen to this when I am in a good mood.
Silverchair Young Modern
A huge return to form for this Aussie trio. This album has a bit of everything and a lot of what we come to expect. They outshone the Finger at their concert too.
The Vasco Era Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
The Vasco Era
Haven’t heard the album, but have heard their singles. I like their sound, but I think they’re a bit green and not really my favourite style
Architecture in Helsinki Places Like This
Architecure in Helsinki
These guys are out there and that’s what makes them great. Haven’t heard the whole album, but love their main single. Think of The Avalanches and then twisted it 90 degrees 🙂
British India Guillotine
British India
Love love love these guys. New band. Killer album. They were next crop artists on Triple J 2 years ago and now have a sweet album and a Homebake/BDO show coming up. yes yes yes!
Midnight Juggernauts Dystopia
Midnight Juggernauts
Where the hell did these guys come from? First I hear they’re playing the One Night Stand in Cowra and then they’re taking over the country. Awesome album. They are going to be HUGE. Very addictive sound.
Katalyst What’s Happening
This internationally acclaimed producer has been around the traps for a while, and this album gives you more of the slick dancy grooves you are used to. Love the first single. Lots of great collaborations on this.
Urthboy The Signal
This offspring from The Herd has grown into an addictive fun filled Aussie Hip Hop romp. Am annoyed that I missed his gig here recently, but will make sure I see him at the BDO!
The Panics Cruel Guards
The Panics
Must admit I have not heard hardly any of their new stuff, except for the single. Not bad though.
Grinspoon Alibis and Other Lies
Aaah, the grinners. Phil’s off the ice and the band takes a big step forward. They self-proclaim that their last album was shit and this one is much better. I agree.
bumblebeez Prince Umberto & The Sister Of Ill
The Braidwood duo of Chris and Pia Colonna have made this album fun and fresh. Haven’t heard it all, but damn it makes you move.
pnau PNAU
They’re back! Pnau blew me away about 8 years ago with their first album and this one has so far kept up to expectations. Catchy hooks, driving beats, easy listening electronica. Very cool. Seeing them at BDO too!

There we go. I like most the artists nominated and it’s a great eclectic mix I reckon.

My tip? I think that that you can cross off JBT, Silverchair and Grinspoon almost straight away. All top albums, but nothing very innovative or different there.

I think the rise and rise of Midnight Juggernauts will get them the gong. They truly deserve it after a huge huge year.

British India will come close, but they are still a bit too fresh. I’m sure their 2nd album will have more pull.

Next week I will pull out my favourite 5 albums of the year. Still weighing them up right now 🙂


Edit: The Panics surprised me by winning with their album Cruel Guards. I am disappointed with myself that I have not heard it! Better remedy that!

Fooey till I Die.

I have mentioned my love for the Fooey’s many times before on this blog.

My man love for Dave Grohl knows no bounds and I think if I was half the musician and all round nice guy he was I’d be happy.

So I am especially aroused when I see they are coming back again next May.

Pre-Sale on sale tomorrow! (warning. You’ll hear ‘The Pretender’ through your speakers when you click)

I’m definitely getting tickets. (only $101.55!) Let me know if you’re interested!

And to make you smile, here’s their latest video for Long Road to Ruin. Another classic Foo Fighters clip.

Click here to watch it.