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The First Day..and the Last Day

Ok, enough of the politics.

Just this last thing.

It’s a funny I stole from Crikey.

The First Day


There’s the smell of optimism in the air.

There’s the sound of removalists.

Anyone know if the Ruddster is becoming a Canberra citizen?

Mixed Emotion…

I’m scared of what could happen today.

I’m excited at what could happen today.

I’m nervous about what won’t happen today.

I’m happy about what WILL happen today.

I’m tired, but optimistic.


Democracy. Only We Can Make It Work.

Ok. I can’t take much more of this.

4 MORE SLEEPS till the fucking election and I have turned the TV off. No more campaign ads. EVERY SECOND AD is something about the election.

I’d rather watch an ad for the bloody Carpet Court, the new Mazda or anything other than the current round of bullshit ads on today.

Are you still a swinging voter? What is going to help you make up your mind?

Are you going to take the million ‘How to Vote’ cards that will be shoved in your hands on Saturday and even look at them?

Are you going to stride in to the booth, draw a box and write Ricky Ponting beside it and tick?

Are you going to seriously go into that box and vote for a Liberal government AGAIN?

Ok. All I need is a minute.

  1. The Liberals have had 12 years. Some 18 year old who are voting today would not even recognise Paul Keating’s face in a line-up.
  2. The Liberals have lied. Not once. Not twice, but MANY times over those 12 years.
    1. GST
    2. Children Overboard
    3. Reasons for going to war in Iraq
    4. Interest rates
    5. We’ll be better off with Work Choices
    6. Howard (not) handing over to Costello even when he told him he would
  3. The Liberals refuse to give equal rights to gay couples. Labor have promised to give gay couples the same rights as heterosexual couples (however, still not marriage)
  4. The Liberals have jumped onto the Climate Change band wagon because of the polls. Not because they believe in it. Howard’s backflip in the last 6 months has been ridiculous, but still he can’t admit that change needs to happen NOW.
    1. Kyoto has not been signed.
    2. The Liberals have not accepted wind power or other renewable resources as a viable alternative to coal.
    3. Nuclear Power is still being considered.
  5. John Howard is out of touch, old, stubborn and needs to retire NOW.

Make it happen people.

There is more to life than big-screen TV, a shiny new car in the garage and an annual trip to the Maldives.

Think about issues that will affect you in the years and decades to come.

Think about giving this country a voice again, instead of a self-serving dishonest dictator.

I’m not saying to vote Labor.

I am just saying to NOT vote for the Coalition.

Make them last.

Make ‘us’ last.

Election Campaign 2007 – Day 2

I’m already scared.

Channel 10 News last night were reporting that Rudd needs to secure a number of swinging seats in QLD to have any chance of winning the election. WTF?

I have to not get excited yet. I can’t let myself believe.

Can someone tell me? Is this election in the bag or not? Is Howard going to scare the bejeebers out of everyone and then hand them a few measly bucks a week as compensation?

FUCK THAT. The last election was all about greed and back pockets.

People were (are?) more concerned about their summer house, their holidays, their new cars and their super to even give a second thought about environment, human and gay rights, education and health.

Money. More important than a decent society?

Don’t believe him. He’s a snivelling little toad.

And look, I agree, Rudd’s voice is already annoying, but fuck, GET RID OF HOWARD.