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Election Campaign 2007 – Day 2

I’m already scared.

Channel 10 News last night were reporting that Rudd needs to secure a number of swinging seats in QLD to have any chance of winning the election. WTF?

I have to not get excited yet. I can’t let myself believe.

Can someone tell me? Is this election in the bag or not? Is Howard going to scare the bejeebers out of everyone and then hand them a few measly bucks a week as compensation?

FUCK THAT. The last election was all about greed and back pockets.

People were (are?) more concerned about their summer house, their holidays, their new cars and their super to even give a second thought about environment, human and gay rights, education and health.

Money. More important than a decent society?

Don’t believe him. He’s a snivelling little toad.

And look, I agree, Rudd’s voice is already annoying, but fuck, GET RID OF HOWARD.