Election Campaign 2007 – Day 2

I’m already scared.

Channel 10 News last night were reporting that Rudd needs to secure a number of swinging seats in QLD to have any chance of winning the election. WTF?

I have to not get excited yet. I can’t let myself believe.

Can someone tell me? Is this election in the bag or not? Is Howard going to scare the bejeebers out of everyone and then hand them a few measly bucks a week as compensation?

FUCK THAT. The last election was all about greed and back pockets.

People were (are?) more concerned about their summer house, their holidays, their new cars and their super to even give a second thought about environment, human and gay rights, education and health.

Money. More important than a decent society?

Don’t believe him. He’s a snivelling little toad.

And look, I agree, Rudd’s voice is already annoying, but fuck, GET RID OF HOWARD.


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2 responses to “Election Campaign 2007 – Day 2

  • snoskred

    Err, yeah. It’s in the bag – for Howard. Because people will get to the voting booth and vote to keep the status quo, like they did the last time and the time before that.

    Labor has lost the trust of a lot of people over the years and they’re not winning it back with this guy.

    People will talk about getting rid of the liberals, but when they vote they stand there and think – am I all right, Jack? If yes, keep things as they are. If no, vote for a change.

    Those of us who watched The West Wing hope and pray for a politician miracle. If only *one* of our pollies demonstrated half the promise of the politicians/actors in that show. We want someone with guts, with morals, with vision. How long has it been since someone like that was running for anything in this country? Has it ever happened? I don’t think it has, ever. I think we’ve been sold fakes for all these years.

    And I don’t even think it matters who is at the helm – the country is run by the civil servants, just like in Yes Minister.

    Kevin isn’t the guy. If only Labor had the guts to put Peter Garrett at the helm – this would be a completely different comment. That’s probably the only guy who really could have had a crack at it.

    Sorry to be so cynical, but it’s the truth. Election campaigns and polls and promises are all a load of cobblers. It comes down to stay the way things are – or change. Change is scary, so if there’s nothing major or drastic, people won’t vote for it. I mean, people won’t change banks, or phone providers, or a million little things they’re not entirely happy with – so why would they change something like governments? Unless they have a really good reason – like the person they’re voting in is charismatic and a leader. That ain’t KRudd. I don’t know what he is, but he ain’t that.

    I just saw his first election ad on pay tv, it almost put me to sleep. And what is up with that? Leave my pay tv alone, politicians! If I wanted to watch election ads I would put the free to air tv on. And I don’t do that, ever. So do you think that means I don’t want to watch election ads? Bingo! None of these guys are worth even one second of my time, let alone 30 seconds of it.

    Give me a real leader. Please. Someone. Some deity out there, bring someone inspirational, someone I can believe in, someone who isn’t just there for the money and the perks.


  • Aurelius

    In Qld in 2004, the Coalition got 57% of the vote. It gave them 22/27 seats. I’ve written before about what I saw as a major factor in this – the apathy of the party workers at a local level, and the subsequent failure of the campaign. Polling a few weeks ago indicated Labor would be likely to pick up 3-4 seats in Qld, but they need 16 total to change the government.
    16 seats to change is about a 4% swing. Based on polling across the last year, that is a reasonable chance of occurring. But it is not a definite election for anyone at this stage. The Libs came out strong with their tax package, and Crikey yesterday said that tax measures take about 4-6 weeks before they get a poll “bounce” to the Govt. Whereas emotional issues get a quicker reaction – so expect to see more emotive issues hitting the campaign around Melbourne Cup week.
    – Aurelius

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