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Blogs are so 2000’s…


You know, sometimes I forget I still own a blog. I get comments now and then, especially on that Weird American Shit post (check it out. The comments are hilarious)

Anyone still read this? Do people still use Bloglines, or Google Reader or something?

I miss blogs and the people I’ve met through them. Although one of those people is now my fiancée 🙂

Leave me a comment if you’ve read this. Would be interested to see how many oldies are still out there 🙂

Flit, twit and wit

Just so you know, I will be on twitter a bit during our trip.

Just click here to keep track!

Triple J is no longer sport

As you may or may not know, I am a rabid Triple J listener.

Ever since it started broadcasting in Canberra in the late 80’s, I have been tuning in (except for my Kix 106 days, but that’s another story).

As you may also know, I am a big sports fan, however these 2 things have never really mixed. Sport and JJJ are like oil and water. As much as you try to shake them up, they never quite mix.. You always get the sense that the DJ’s on the J’s are young cultural musically minded people who think of sport as the activities that people on the ‘other side’ venture into.

That is, except for those Sunday afternoons, where you could flick the radio on from 2 till 5 and listen to the dulcet undertones of Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson.  It’s been an institution at Triple J for 20 years. Those few hours a week where sport entered the world of the youth broadcaster to give you the twisted sarcastic and wickedly witty views of these 2 legends.

This Sunday will be the last Sunday arvo broadcast as I discovered yesterday. The boys have taken the money and jumped into commerical radio, as so many in the Triple J family tend to do. They will be taking over the ‘drive’ shift on Triple M replacing Wil Anderson and Lehmo (whoever the hell he is).

Now, this is of course not that first time the This Sporting Life team have dabbled in the commerical stakes. They have had shows on Channel 7, but besides the Olympic specials they have never really broken it in the mainstream market. Some might say that their humour is just a little too obscure for the everyday mainstream commercialite out there and I tend to believe that they may even be turfed from the Triple M airwaves after a stint.

I hold out hope that they may return to the public broadcaster in time, as they have always done. I always felt that the boys had a lot of integrity and loyalty to ‘Aunty’ and I felt almost surprised to hear them on the J’s every week, somehow just expecting them to leave at any given moment.

Unfortunately that time has now arrived.

Good luck boys, and remember…too much sport is NEVER enough..


Roy & HG and the Triple J family.

Old Man Mick

Ok, so this is the last post about my health for a while.

Besides, all I’ve got is Gout.

And my Cholesterol is fine. “3 point nothing” is what the doc said. He thinks the nurse got a little confused on the phone.

But gout. Finally confirmed. Just gotta lay off the shell-fish, the brains, the sheep spleen and sweetbread.

My Uric Acid was through the roof, which was probably not assisted by the fact that I had a shit-load of beer in the 3 days preceding the blood test.

But, no more beer binges for a while. Gotta get the kidneys functioning again. I have been drinking litres of water a day and am amazed at how often I need to pee now.

I feel better for all the fluid though and although the foot doesn’t quite feel 100% yet, I am hoping I can control the gout attacks by watching what I eat and drink.

On a better note, I am going to Trackside tomorrow which I think is going to kick-arse, except for the weather forecast for tomorrow:

Forecast for Saturday
Scattered showers falling as snow showers above 1200m. Mostly cloudy with strong gusty westerly winds developing, reaching gale force at high elevation late in the day.

Precis:      A few showers, windy.
City:        Min  7    Max  15

WTF??? This is the 22nd of NOVEMBER. 8 days from Summer, and we’re talking SNOW???

Not happy. When can I move to QLD already?

Oh shit, that’s right they get raging storms every night.

Ok then, Belize it is

The Post Where I Get My Pains Off My Chest…

I’ve been avoiding blogging about my ailments, sicknesses and the like, because really it gets a little boring and I don’t like to whinge.

We all have aches, pains, cold, coughs and all that. We take some drugs, and we got over it.

This is usually the case with me. Truth be told, I hardly ever get sick *touches wood quickly* and when I do it usually just last a day or 3 and goes away.

However, the majority of my ailments include some sort of physical injury or pain.

And this is again the case as the ‘Saga of the throbbing swelling foot pain that makes me want go crazy’ continues.

This can be traced back around 4 years ago, and I even blogged about it 3 years ago. It started as a twinge from my toe which would travel down to my arches. I remember a Christmas where I was hobbling around all day because of it.

I thought it was gout back then, but blood tests last year that indicated my Uric Acid levels weren’t elevated, so instead it was presumed I had some sort of “Arthritic Condition” and that was that. I had already been subscribed indomethacin by an ER doctor when I once hobbled into the hospital late one night.

On return with the same ailment I was given a hefty number of repeats and I have been popping the little white pills whenever my foot started to hurt.

Unfortunately it seems that as a lovely side effect to these pills, my eye decides to get extremely bloodshot and irritated for days after. I am not 100% of this link, but thinking back I have had the red and irritated eyes consistently after taking the medication.

So, I took the plunge, stopped taking the pills and went to the doc last Monday.

I had blood sucked and had an x-ray on the foot. The Doc gave me a new prescription. This time for another NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) called Meloxicam. I am on the 5th day of this drug and my foot is as bad as ever. Walking involves a constant stabbing fire of pain through my foot every step I take, and this means putting a lot more pressure on my right leg and knee (remember the knee problems I had earlier this year?). Tops.

The Results?

X-Ray? All Clear.

Blood Tests? Apparently the doctor wants to see me about some of the results, specifically my cholesterol level.



So the tests will show up something else that’s going wrong with me and not help with my fucking throbbing foot.

So, back to the quack on Monday arvo to find out what happens next.

I am partial to a saw.


To Be Continued….

I was trying to find just the right photo to put with my post yesterday…

And I found a great one…

November 4th

Page One

So, the biggest thing about moving into my own house again is making it feel like home.

We’ve been there around a week now, but it still sorta feels like we’re on holiday somewhere.

Bit by bit we are adding things to the house that we want. An obligatory trip to Ikea on Sunday helped with that! $380 later and we had side tables, a lamp, a cool grater, glasses, quilt covers, more cutlery, a funky water bottle and more!

Ikea is one of those magical stores where you walk in not quite knowing what you want and then walk out with heaps of stuff you didn’t even know you wanted! I still enjoyed it, even though 2 hours of walking around and battling against hundreds of other people with the same house decorating ideas can be tiring.

Lucky we had the meatballs first! (no…not as good as my grandmother makes!)

Making the house feel like home  will probably take a little while yet. We still need a little more furniture and a lot more dust before it feels like home to me, but I’m happy to wait…

New Look. New Outlook! (not the mail program!)

Ok, I’ve been obscure, shady, obtuse and quiet lately.


Well, it’s a long story and one that will hopefully reach a conclusion, but let’s just say that as soon as I know, you will know.

I can use every analogy in the book to describe the last 6 months, but let’s just use one more and say that the light is at the end of the tunnel. It’s coming, and I’m pretty sure it’s not a train.

I have changed the look of my blog. I figured that since Spring has sprung (please get over 15 degrees this weekend, Canberra), and the flowers are blossoming, why not make my blog look a little more colourful!

You want dotpoints I hear?

Ok, here’s some

  • I go on a cruise of the South Pacific in 15 sleeps. Yes. 15! Excited for me or WHAT?
  • I went to a Father’s Day breakfast with my son this morning and I felt young. What is it with people having kids when they’re 40?
  • My workplace wants to ditch Lotus Notes and use some Micro$oft product for mail. When will these people learn??
  • I have bloated out to 83kg, so it’s time to get back on the bike, back into sport and shed that winter coat.
  • Did I mention it will be 19 degrees next week? PRAISE GLOBAL WARMING!
  • I love that the Republicans in the US have shot themselves in the foot by choosing Sarah Palin as VP candidate. ROLL ON NOVEMBER AND OBAMA!
  • ACT Election in 6 weeks. Does anyone really care?
  • Anyone got a house they are renting out in October? I needs one.
  • Gigs, Gigs, Gigs! Put it in your calendar. 19th of September, Mawson Club, Mick’s Band (The Drop Bears). Maybe we should make it a BLOGMEET!
  • Check out LaLa’s blog and watch the Kiwi whale. It cracks me up.

So, if anyone is still out there. Drop me a line, let me know if you’re in Canberra and interested in a bit of a Blog Meet-up in a couple of weeks!