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Gilchrist, the best? Pull the other one.

I’ll probably be shot for this, but I DON’T LIKE ADAM GILCHRIST.

Never have. Never will.

Even right back to the beginning when he was brought in to replace Ian Healy. I thought it was crap that Heals was dumped before the first test in Australia and didn’t even get to farewell his home crowd at the GABBA.

Adam Gilchrists’ keeping is sub-standard.

He is getting close to breaking Healy’s Australian wickets record, but he is not even close to being at his level. He will drop a catch (easy ones) almost every test match and quite often will dive in front of first slip when it is a regulation catch for them.

He is really, only in the team for his batting which, admittedly, is very good. Yes, he can bat, especially when he gets loose balls, but I wouldn’t call him anything special.

And then he gets named as Australia’s greatest ever One Day Player. What load of crap!

Are their memories so short that they can’t remember the other ‘real’ greats?

Let’s pull some figures out of the bag here.

As of today:

Adam Gilchrist – 9246 Runs. Avg – 35.97. Strike Rate – 96.66. 15 100’s, 52 50’s.

Ok. Decent figures, sure. The average is ok for a one day player and his strike rate is almost run a ball.

Let’s look at some other contenders

Ricky Ponting – 10,594 Runs. Avg – 43.41. Strike Rate – 80.33. 23 100’s, 63 50’s.

Better average. More centuries. Still an excellent strike rate.

Let’s go back in time to one of the great one day players Australia has ever had.

Remember, this is before the days that teams were scoring 280 and 300 as a norm. If you scored 50 in the first 15, you were considered to be on track to a decent score.

Dean Jones – 6068 Runs. Avg – 44.61. Strike Rate – 72.56. 7 100’s, 46 50’s.

Deano was a revelation at the time. A big hitter, an entertainer but able to stick around when needed.

Speaking of sticking around. Was this man even considered?

Michael Bevan – 6912 Runs. Avg – 53.58. Strike Rate – 74.16. 6 100’s, 46 50’s.

He was one day cricket personified. A master at the finish and a handy bowler to boot.

And what about bowlers?

Glenn McGrath – 381 Wickets. Avg – 22.02.

Craig McDermott – 203 Wickets. Avg – 24.71.

You even had one day specialists like Merv Hughes, Peter Taylor and Simon O’Donnell to consider…


So, why Gilchrist?

Especially when he can hardly glove a simple catch.

Nowadays it’s just about the runs. 20/20 has been introduced and all of a sudden people are bored at Test Matches? Come on. It’s the only REAL version of cricket there is. If you want hit and giggle, watch the celebrity games, or go down to your local oval.

It just shits me that new players somehow overshadow the players that made our game great.