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Poke, Zap, Stab.

250 minutes of my life were spent in an Emergency Room tonight.


No Doc appointment till Thursday and Mr. McLimpy was getting close to being called Mr. McChainsawOffMyLeg.

So I took the plunge and went to the ER to get an opinion on this stupid knee pain.

Examination? Nothing.

X-ray? Nothing.

Blood Test? Nothing.

Which I spose is good, but dammit, I’d like to know what’s wrong with it.

So I keep taking Indomethacin and hope that it fixes it well enough by Friday.

But I read a lot of my Andrew Johns Autobiography I got for Christmas (man..and I complain about my injury. He was a walking cripple for 13 years) and listened to 250 minutes of Bjork in preperation for Friday, although I think Enny wins in the Bjork adoration stakes!

See you there Ms. Enny!