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Cricket. What happened to you?

Is it just me, or do others feel that cricket has lost it’s lustre?

I remember the days, back in the mid 80’s. Lillee, Border, Marsh (both), Boon, McDermott, Merv, O’Donnell, Jones.

We had a magical team back then. Cricket was THE national Australian sport. Played everywhere. Watched by everyone.

What’s happened?

We’re facing a 7 game losing streak in One Day Internationals. We don’t hold the Ashes. Crowds are falling. Match Fixing allegations are flying.

It feels like the game is self-imploding. If it weren’t for the big money coming from India, I think it would be even closer to death.

We lost to Sri Lanka the other night because we couldn’t get their No. 10 and 11 batsmen out! Sad sad sad.

The last few years have really been disappointing for me as a cricket fan. I’ll go as far as to say that I’ve lost interest in most aspects of the game apart from test matches. 20/20 matches, for me, have ruined the original shortened version of the game, the 50 over ODI’s. The everyday fan is so keen to see players attempting to smash every ball and to have the game wrap up in 3 hours that they’ve given up on the laborious 50 over match.

At least test matches still hold that traditional feel, but when the Pakistani’s start to mess with match fixing, it even ruins the pure perfect version of the game.

I went to Lord’s in July and watched the Australians play Pakistan on the hallowed turf. It was a fantastic atmosphere being at the ‘home’ of cricket. Listening to poms around me, taking in the MCC members, drinking the English beer. It really hits home as to what cricket is about.

How can it recover? How can cricket come back to what it used to be?

Maybe McDonalds should start giving out posters of the teams from the ‘World Series of Cricket’ again. Maybe we should ditch 20/20’s and focus on the One Dayer again. I mean, did you see the 20/20 the other night? We were crap. We couldn’t slog to save ourselves, and if you don’t slog in a slogfest, what’s the point??

I still love the sound of leather on willow, the voice of the Channel 9 commentators and the local ABC radio covering the tests, but I am getting close to giving up on the shortened bastardised version unless something changes soon.

And to those that say 20/20 is the future, take a look at yourselves. It’s nothing more than a short, talent-less money grab. You don’t need a lot of skill to swing the bat and hope for a 6 or to bowl slower balls every 2nd ball to confuse the batter that has pre-determined his slog (shot).

I would be happy for 20/20’s to disappear from the game altogether, but of course that’s not going to happen whilst it is making more money than ODI’s and Test matches.


Footy Footy Footy!

Can you feel it?

It’s March. Autumn. There’s a nip in the air.

The sound of leather on willow is fading into obscurity and instead there’s the sound of grunting men, the smell of deep heat and the crinkle of the Daily Telegraph.

Footy season is BACK BABY!

Can you believe that it’s been 5 months since that fateful and heartbreaking day in October last year?

We’ve endured one of the most boring summers of cricket ON RECORD and now the season is finally here.

Is there any game greater than Rugby League?

I think NOT.

And it all begins with a blockbuster tomorrow night. The Dragons take on the Eels at Parramatta Stadium.

And guess whose favourite blogger will be THERE. Yes indeedy. Me, my big inflatable finger, my 2009 Grand Finalist jersey and my Blue and Gold forever son will be front and centre (as long as on the try line and 3rd row in counts) for the big clash tomorrow night.

I am soooo pumped for this season and it seems that the pressure building for the Eels this season is almost unbearable. Will they crack under the pressure (again), or will they simply blow the opposition away like they did in those last 12 games in 2009?

I am nervous, excited and positively BUSTING to see what happens when it all kicks off.

Of course there are 15 other teams that the Eels will have to shrug off before October this season and here’s Mick’s Quick Guide to the 2010 NRL Season.

Listed in the order I think they will finish.

1. Parramatta Eels Parramatta Eels

Seriously, is there any doubt that the boys from the west can’t go all the way this season? There are 2 vital pieces to the success of the Eels. Confidence and Positivity. As soon as the Eels lose either of these their heads drop and the chance of beating any team goes down the drain.

We have to play like we know how to. Throw the ball around. Run with flair. Take that chance. Chip that kick and back your ability to catch the opposition off guard. It is one of the things the Eels are famous for.

Our team is almost intact from last year except for the noticeable loss of Todd Lowrie, Kevin Kingston and Joe Galuvao. Throw in Tahu, Poore and Shackleton and you have more than made up for it. A fit Hayne, Ben Smith and Eric Grothe will also keep us confident through the thick of the season. Injuries are inevitable but we have debutant Tom Humble in the wings, as well as Krisnan Inu, Anthony Mitchell and Jonathan Wright ready to make their impact. THIS is the year my friends. It has to be.

2. Melbourne Storm Melbourne Storm

They are still the most dangerous team in the league. They prove that year after year . In fact 4 consecutive years in the grand final proves that. When you have Slater, Inglis, Cronk and Smith running at you, you need to pull out the drop drawer performance. Ironically it was the Origin ravaged Storm team in 2009 that started the Eels roll, but you can’t bet on playing them when they’re down cause they quickly get back off the mat.

I think this might be one of their last years in the top ranks of the game, but whilst Slater and Inglis are there you can never write them off. Come finals time, it’s a different ball game. I hope they make way for another team this year. I think that team will be…

3. Bulldogs Canterbury Bulldogs

The rivallry of the Eels and Bulldogs in the 80’s is back. Judging by the most amazing game of football I’ve ever seen last year in the Preliminary Final. The Bulldogs have bounced back so fast from their disastrous 2008 season that the only way they can go is up and I think this year they will see an all Sydney Grand Final against the Mighty Eels.

Kimmorley continues to impress in his twilight years and along with a solid forward pack they’re ready to pounce.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate the Bulldogs with a passion, but I think they will have a big big year.

4. South Sydney Rabbitohs

The Rabbitohs have been seemingly in a ‘re-building’ phase for a decade, but it’s about time for them to show everyone what they’ve got. I think this season will be a massive year for them to go along with their massive forward pack. They’ve recruited ex-Bronco Dave Taylor to add to Sam Burgess and the front row is ready to explode.

I still can’t get past the Rabbitohs being easy-beats. It seems that they have been for as long as I can remember, but it’d be nice to see them in front of the 8 ball for once and make the top 8 easily. I think the top 4 is a definite possibility.

5. Gold Coast Titans Gold Coast Titans

They have a bit of a hodge-podge team. Players from all over the place that have taken a while to gel. They also can’t seem to play without Preston Campbell, but they’ve recruited bad-boy Bird and he could make a big difference to their confidence.

I like their never say die attitude and I think they’ll have another successful season. I just can’t see them getting past week 1 or 2 of the finals though.

6. Wests Tigers Wests Tigers

They’ve bought Tuqiri and Jason Cayless. 2 excellent buys for what could be a turning point season for the Tiges. They really should have made a better fist of it last year but their run home was disappointing (to Parra’s glee!)

I am looking forward to a big season from Benji, as long as he doesn’t break his toe, lung or little finger. If Farah can actually perform week to week, it will help as well. Just look out for when they click. They could push for a top 4 spot.

7. St.George-Illawarra Dragons St. George-Illawarra Dragons

The perennial chokers of the league must feel like they are starting again. They had a massive 2009 and finished minor premiers, only to hit the Eels juggernaut in Finals Week 1. They never recovered. I think they’ve got massive potential in their team, but sometimes they just don’t seem to know how to use it. You’d think Mr. Bennett would help with that and maybe this year he’ll lead them to the top again.

I have a feeling that a depleted forward pack and injuries will plague them, and is Soward goes down, so does the team.

8. Sydney Roosters Sydney Roosters

As much as I hate to say it, I think the Roosters will sneak into the 8. It will be a tight finish with the Panthers but I reckon Todd Carney will have a massive season. He always showed so much promise in Canberra, but too many trips to ‘All Bar Nun’ and the ‘Moose’ ruined what could have been a beautiful friendship. They landed the wooden spoon last year, probably due to coaching issues (see ya Freddy0, but I think hard nose Brian Smith will drag them off the bottom this year and give them a finals appearance straight away.

9. Penrith Panthers Penrith Panthers

They always seem to under-achieve, the Panthers. I compare them to the Eels a lot. They have a lot of talent, but somehow it just doesn’t seem to work sometimes. They also ride on confidence and if they win a couple, they’ll start to look promising.

They’ve got Jennings, Kingston (from Parra), Laurie (from Tiges) and Civoniceva in their roster. Jennings is clearly a freak and should be up there with the Hayne’s and Inglis’s of the league. He can only get better this season and they will surely upset some big teams, but I think they will just miss out again.

10. Manly Sea-Eagles Manly Sea-Eagles

Seriously, who really cares about this team? This pack of highfaluting silvertails from the north shore seemed to think they just had to turn up in 2009. Then it all fell apart for them and not least for Brett Stewart. They still have the talent to make a finals tilt, but with their over-sized houses, wallets and heads I don’t think they’ll make it out of the tunnel in time.

11. Canberra Raiders Canberra Raiders

Yes, I have a soft spot for the Raiders having lived here for 20 odd years. The thing is they will never reach those lofty heights of the 80’s and 90’s when Daley, Meninga, Clyde, Walters and Stuart ruled this town. I wish they would, but can you see Tongue, Purtell, Duggin, Harrison and Herbert being household names? I don’t think so.

The other problem they have is that they just can’t win outside of Canberra. It seems to be their continual problem. Year after year they pull out big victories against quality teams in the frigid weather of Canberra, but then they head to Townsville and can’t spank the Cowboys in their backyard.

Hopefully this year will see some reversal of fortune because I would love League to be a buzz-word in this town again one day.

12. Brisbane Broncos Brisbane Broncos

The mighty all fall eventually. The Broncos have had their day and no amount of Lockyer magic will save them this year. They will drop out of finals contention and Brisbane people won’t even notice.

Mind you, I’ve said this before and then somehow they manage to claw their way back into the race. They’ve still got Folau, they’ve bought Tim Smith and Corey Parker can play, but somehow, I just think they’re not going to have enough fire power.

13. North Queensland Cowboys North Queensland Cowboys

Another year and what could be the last chance for the Cowboys to hold onto Thurston. He may be a tool but he’s still a top footy player and the Cowgirls have been riding on his plaits for  a few years now. They still have some decent players to give them hope though, with Sam Rapira looking the goods, as well as veteran Luke O’Donnell and Willie Tonga. Oh, and I guess we can’t forget the other Willie who has flipped the bird to Sydney and gone up North.

If Willie remembers how to play, Thurston stays off the drink and Ty Williams scores some tries they might have a chance, but somehow I reckon. No.

14. Newcastle Knights Newcastle Knights

Things just go from bad to worse for those keniggets. (Thank you Monty Python). First they lose the greatest player of all time (Joey Johns), then they lose a couple of coaches and then 2 players get done on drugs charges. All the while they just can’t seem to get any consistency on the paddock.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Gidley injured himself in the All-stars game and will miss 4-6 weeks from the start of the season! I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re looking at the wooden spoon early in the season, but I expect things to pick up as the season warms up.

If coming 14th means they pick up very much. I only expect they’ll win a handful of games.

15. New Zealand Warriors New Zealand Warriors

Those players across the ditch never give up trying and you have to admire them for that. 2002 seems like such a long time ago for this team that is so desperate to win they’re willing to part with millions of dollars to get $onny Bill Williams back into League (please no). The bonus with a team like the Warriors is that they have a whole country of talent to pull from and they really should be able to find some great up and coming talent. Apparently there’s a guy called Kevin Locke that plays on the wing and he is toted to be the next big thing.

We shall see.

I don’t expect them to have much of a season though. Maybe you should be looking in your backyard for talent, rather than over in French Rugby.

16. The Sharks Cronulla Sharks

It still puts a smile on my face to picture Ricky Stuart coaching such a shocker of a team as the Sharks. Maybe if the coach just shut up for long enough the team might be able to concentrate on playing, but as usual Stuart is too busy writing columns and complaining about everything to do with Rugby League.

The team itself has recruited wildly in the off season. Not that you would notice. None of them are particularly noticeable signings. Luke Douglas? Paul Aiton?

Sure, they have picked up a couple of younger players from my beloved Eels (Kelly, Gardner and Wright), but it will take a few years for these guys to make an impact in the top grade.

I actually want the Sharks to go better, for their players and their fans, but whilst Stuart is at the helm, they can languish with the spoon for as long as possible.

Parramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta EelsParramatta Eels

There we go.

THE definitive guide to the season.

Let’s not refer to this post in October though. No point looking to the past…


NRL Grand Final 2009 – From Ecstasy to Despair

What a weekend it was.

For just the second time in 23 years, the Eels made the Grand Final and I was there again. Just like I was in 2001 when we roared into the Grand Final as red-hot favourites.

This time we had scraped into the finals and pounded the top 3 sides to make the Grand Final, riding on a wing, prayer and history. We could have been the first team to win it from 8th spot.

Last week was amazing. We beat our arch-rivals, the Bulldogs, in front of 75,000 people. The crowd was deafening and it was the best Rugby League match I had ever been to. My son told me it had been the best day of his life. Nothing warms the heart more!

But this was the big one. The one that counts. We had reached the prelimiary final 5 times since 1986, but only made the Grand Final twice. We needed to make it count.

So, Dougall, Yellster, Ed and I took the nervous train trip to Homebush to drink, cheer and hopefully be merry.

We downed 4 at the Brewery before the game. I had never seen so many Parra jerseys in one place. It was a sea of blue and gold and the feeling of anxiety and excitement was palpable. I felt good and I felt confident. I had bets on for a 13+ victory. Perhaps ambitious, but that’s how I felt.

We stepped into the Stadium and saw the swarmof people around us. We had nice seats behind the goal posts but with a great view.


It was a game of 2 halves. The first, we had nothing to cheer about. Melbourne scored twice through some uncharacteristically weak defence. We didn’t have that spark. Hayne was very quiet. The crowd was nervous at half-time. I hardly even remember it.

The second was better. We lifted. Guru scored. Fui scored and we were happy.

Parra Try

All I could do was hope…maybe, we can come back…one last time.

It wasn’t to be. An uncontested bomb, a bullshit refereeing decision (fuck you Tony Archer), and a field goal later, and the Eels went down, 23-16. Melbourne win their 3rd premiership of the decade.

I was gutted to have lost again. It’s hard to lose a Grand Final after weeks of build-up. I can only imagine what it must feel like for the players.


But next year is a new decade, and a new chance for the Eels to start their domination. Tahu’s back. Poore and Shackleton are in. We will hopefully keep the core of the team. There’s no reason we can’t get there again.

I just wish I didn’t have to wait 12 months to do it again.


Origin 1. The Comeback Begins.

I have been pretty damn quiet on this blog lately.

Admittedly, the urge to blog has been surpassed by Twittering, playing silly Facebook games or playing with LaLa and the kids.

But, when State of Origin time comes around, it’s time to wake the sleeping giant.

The team for Origin I was named tonight, and for the first time in a while, I am really excited by the team.

Ever since I was in the USA for the 2006 series, I have felt like I’ve missed the blooding of new players and haven’t had my finger on the pulse of the future of the game. Finally, this season, I feel like I have seen enough and read enough to be more interested and able to comment on the players that have been picked.

Besides, I am going up to Sydney for Game 2 which will be my first EVER Origin game.

So here goes…

  1. Kurt Gidley (c) –  He’s taken over from former teammate and Blues captain, ‘Bedsy’ Buderus, and he’s been a consistant performed for the Knights for years. For a while he’d seemed like the shining light in a lame team, but now that the Knights are actually performing, it’s good to see him still get this gig.
  2. Jarryd Hayne – I am undeniable biased, but I am so glad that Haynesy has nabbed a winger spot. He has been playing out of his skin the last few weeks at Fullback for the Eels and he has proved his freakiness with some fantastic efforts in past Origins. He will definitely not disappoint on the big stage.
  3. Jamie Lyon – As an Eels fan, I am predisposed to hating Jamie Lyon and what he did to our team when he walked out on us all those years ago. His determination to avoid representative football has alsmost not helped him in winning fans other than those from Manly. But it’s unanimous, he is the best centre in the world, and has been ever since those days of running around for the Eels. Let’s just hope he gives it his all against the Maroons.
  4. Michael Jennings – Admittedly, I haven’t watched many Panthers games this year, but all you need to have seen is the highlight reels to know that Michael Jennings is worthy of this spot. He could be the excitement machine that the Blues need to get us over the line. He’s strong, fast and skillful and I can’t wait to see what he can do against the all-star cane toad backline
  5. James McManus – Surprised? I am. He is one plyaer that seems to have come out of nowhere to snag a wing spot, but the selectors have definitely gone for form over reputation this year. Gone are the Matt Kings and Luke Rooneys, it’s time for a new generation in wingers.
  6. Terry Campese – This was one of the highly contested positions, but I think Campese was a shoo-in. Even if the Raiders have been pretty ordinary in the last couple of months, he’s a specialist 5/8 and has shown glimpses of the skill that he has (especially with that banana kick half volley on the weekend). Mullen was a possibility, but I’m glad the selectors have looked forward and given a chance to a player that could be in the Blue jumper for a long time to come
  7. Peter Wallace – Look. I am not a huge fan of Wallace. I thought he was too young and inexperienced for Origin last year and I still think the same. Problem is, what other halfbacks do the Blues have to chose from? I’d go as far as to say that Brett Finch or Kimmorley should be halfback instead of Wallace, but it seems that the selectors are making every effort to look to the future. He does get the job done well for the Broncos though and maybe he can provide the Blues with some inner secrets to his Bronco teammates. If he does, he’s worth his weight in gold.
  8. Brent Kite – I feel that Kite is here by default. He has a proven track record in representative matches, and even if he doesn’t set the world on fire week to week, he’s done enough to keep his place. I am not a massive fan, but if this Queanbeyan boy has a big game he’s very hard to stop. I just hope he decides to have an ‘on’ game next Wednesday.
  9. Robbie Farah – As much as I hate to admit it to my Tiger’s supporting mate, Farah is easily the best hooker in the game. He has been for years, even when Buderus was hooker and captain of the Blues. Finally Farah gets a chance to show us his stuff at State level and he’ll probably make it on the boat to England at the end of the year as well. Looking forward to seeing his lethal darts from dummy half and bullet passes when we cross for many tries in this series
  10. Luke Bailey – Like Kite, Bailey was a certainty for the other Front Row position. Even if we have a relatively inexperienced team around them, it’s nice to know that the front rowers are experienced and reliable. I have always liked Bailey and he is very solid up front with the bonus of some ball playing skills.
  11. Ben Creagh – It’s taken a while for me to accept that Hindmarsh is no longer a representative player. I thought that he should have been picked for last years series, but now I understand that he has to make way for the new breed of back rower. Ben Creagh is definitely a player that shows what 2nd rowers should be doing nowadays. Running hard, offloading and tackling well out wide. He’s a class act.
  12. Luke O’Donnell – O’Donnell is one of those players that I have liked for ages but has never seemed to reach his full potential. His name doesn’t seem to go away though and even at 28 he’s got what it takes at this level. This might be his last chance to prove himself and he’s not guaranteed to be in the Kangaroo tour later this year. Mind you, he’s also not guaranteed to be in Game 2. A lot at stake for him.
  13. Paul Gallen – Gallen gets the Lock spot, because, really, who else is there? I think he’s a total tool of a person, but he’s a strong and gutsy player who probably deserves to be there even if he is playing in a club team that have looked more likely to win the spoon than win anything else this season. He’ll play his heart out for his state and that’s the main thing


  1. Craig Wing – Mr. Utility is there to cover up for the injuries that WILL happen. It’s inevitable. Farah, Wallace or Campese could slip on the Etihad Stadium surface and Craig Wing will be there to mop up. He does it well though, even if he will never be the force that he could have been.
  2. Justin Poore – This debutant will be playing his first Origin, but most definitely not his last. He’s been playing out of his skin for the Dragons this season, and there’s every chance he’ll be moving to the Eels or Sharks in the near future. I would like to see him make an impact in this game, but it’ll be tough when you’re running towards Civoniceva.
  3. Glenn Stewart/Luke Lewis (18th man) – Stewart probably won’t play because he is facing a  ‘dangerous throw’ charge from the weekend, so let’s assume that Luke Lewis replcaes him on the bench. I would much rather this anyway because I think Lewis is a freaking champion and deserves to be in the squad. For all I care Stewart can go and hang out with his brother on the sideline for the rest of his life..
  4. Michael Weyman – The other big prop from the Dragons has been setting the world on fire with his powerful running this season. After barely striking a match at the Raiders he’s made a big turn around to get into the Origin team. He’s got a spot that not so long ago Willie (who?) Mason would have held, so he’s gonna wanna go better than him. But hey, that’s not too hard.

So there we have it. My thoughts on the Origin team.

Face it. We HAVE to win this year, otherwise the nasty toads from up north win 4 series in a row. We can’t allow that.

Don’t talk to me on Wednesday week if we lose the first game. I desperately want us to wrap up the series when I see them for Game II in Sydney.

Right. So Where Was I?

Fuck. It’s nearly the end of March already.

You realise that when the 1st of April hits, we are 1/4 of the way through 2009 already?

And THEN, we will hit a new decade. The Naughties will be gone. We’ll be into the Ten’s. That just sounds weird.

And THEN we’ll be into the 20’s, and when people refer to the 20’s, how will we know if they’re talking about the 1920’s or the 2020’s?


Life is like a snowball.

It rolls, and rolls and rolls, accumulating more snow, sticks, shit and stuff on it’s way, but then eventually it hits the bottom of the hill, or a tree, or just melts cause of the friction (or change of season) and then what? You have a massive broken snowball.

Great analogy, I know.

As you may have noticed, blogging has taken a back seat in my life lately. Firstly, my motiviation for posting has been non existent, but also I have been busy with that snowball of life and…..

… I have discovered Twitter. I mean, yeah, I’ve known about for ages, but I just thought it was a poor substitute for facebook. (which ironically now looks very much like twitter)

As it turns out it is a marvellous way to stalk celebrities and personalities that seem to have a need to ‘tweet’ everything they are doing.

This has particularly been useful with Stephen Fry, Jimmy Fallon, Lily Allen, Drew BarrymoreSteve Buscemi, Gina Riley, John CleeseChris Cornell, The Grates and Kevin Smith. Not to mention that the whole Triple J clan has joined up as well.

There’s a feeling of harmonious warmth when you see celebrities ‘tweeting’ each other, but also tweeting back to you like you were best mates or something.

I mean, just today, Steve Buscemi sent me a direct message telling me to “kick the shit out of a public bathroom for St. Patricks Day”. I mean how fucking cool is that?

The funny thing is, I think that everyone on Twitter realises that this is a fad. It will not last forever. Something bigger, faster and more exciting will come along and just like Myspace and just like blogs and just like Facebook, the participation rate will slide into oblivion and everyone will start using the ‘new’ thing.

But hey, it’s fun to jump on these bandwagons at the height of popularity, otherwise what else can you brag about with friends (I have 5000 friends. How many do you have??)

Besides, I am now officially a cripple and my Indoor Soccer career is over, so what else am I supposed to do?

Oh yeah, I broke my foot on Sunday afternoon.

Picture this.

I’m running to get the ball, with the usual vigour that I reserve for team sports, and I get my foot around the ball just as somewhere else reaches for it from another direction.

My ankle gives way and I roll onto the outside of my foot.

Suddenly a distinct sound permeates through the air;


I proceed to collapse onto the floor in pain, wondering why my (often) rolled ankle made that noise.

As I hobble off the court, I notice what appears to be a golf ball slowly rising up from the little toe side of my right foot.

I poke it. OUCH! Hmm. That can’t be good.

Although I would normally just hobble my way through a week with a sprained ankle, I have never seen swelling in my foot from a sprain!

It didn’t take too much convincing from LaLa to get me down to the ER to check it out.

The doctors were even excited enough to show me the X-Ray (all on computer now by the way. No x-ray boxes, although the nurse still referred to the monitor as an ‘X-Ray Box’).

There we go. An avulsion fracture of the 5th metatarsal. Awesome.

For those who don’t follow the link, imagine a tendon pulling away a section of the bone. That’s what an avulsion fracture is.

The doctor asked me, “Are you an elite athlete?”.

Well, it was flattering to be asked, but after LaLa and I chortled heartily, I replied “No.”

I shouldn’t require a pin put in it. Probably just a cast and a walking boot (classy!) for 4-6 weeks.


So here I am. At home. Blogging, facebooking, twittering, watching Entourage, playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, practicing songs for my band and trying to keep myself busy as my foot starts to heal.

So, where was I?

A Bolt out of the Beijing

Had to stay up tonight to watch some history.

History in the form of the freak of nature that is Usain Bolt.

If anyone stayed up on Saturday night, you would have seen Bolt win the 100m, in a stroll. He looked like he slowed down to win the highlight of the track in 9.69 seconds. A World Record.

Tonight it was the 200m. He jogged in the semi-final so there was really no doubt that he would win the final, but could he break Michael Johndon’s record from 1996 in Atlanta?

This guy is amazing. 6 Foot 5, personality and guts.

He killed them. Won the 200m in World Record time. 19.3 seconds. 0.2 seconds off Johnson’s record, into a head wind.

I don’t wanna go all Bruce McAvaney on your arse, but it was simply breath-taking.

The Olympics throw up so many surprises. I have been loving the efforts of the Sailors and the Opals and Boomers (who unfortunately went down to the Dream Team from the US tonight).

The Silver from Sally McLellan was pretty special last night too, and so was her reaction!

The BMX started today and I was glued to it at work (Thank you streaming). Great to see the Aussie that changed his name to Kamakazi sprint around the track.

What an awesome name.

I wanna change my name to a one word name as well.

Any ideas?

Olympic Pronunciation

I’m loving the Olympics right now.

I didn’t think I was that interested in it coming this time. I didn’t feel there was much hype about it or build up.

I have great memories of past Olympics. All the way back to the ‘Moscow..Moscow…tra la la la la la la’ theme from the 1980 Olympics (I was 4), to the efforts of Dean Lukin, Glynis Nunn in LA in 1984 to Debbie Flintoff-King and Duncan Armstrong at the 1988 Barcelona games. It’s still burnt into my brain.

I love the surprises that the Olympics always seem to throw up. Canoeing, Tae-Kwan-Do, Archery. Those obscure sports that you only think about every 4 years.

Channel Seven’s coverage has been pretty ordinary and blasted all over the place, but at the end of the day there are a shitload of events to cover and unless you can watch all day and spend time with every sport, you’ve got no chance, so you have to settle for the highlights they show in prime time.

What shits me though is the pronunciation of Beijing.

Am I wrong in thinking that it has always been pronounced as ‘Beige-ing’?

Why is it that ALL the Seven commentators have obviously been told to pronounce it as ‘Bay-Jing’

It sounds like how Kath & Kim would say it. “Let’s sit down with a bottle of ‘cardonay’ and watch the ‘Bay Jing’ Olympics”

Edit: Ok…I have gone and googled the pronunciation and apparently it’s said right by the commentators, but it still sounds STUPID

Anyway, GO THE AUSSIES. Let’s being home at least 10 golds and celebrate another successful games. We can’t expect to get another 17 this time!