Hi-8-Us Over.

Let me just wipe the dust off this keyboard….

Oh…Hi! It’s me…

What’s going on?

Well if you ever look at this blog you’d probably think, ‘Not Much’, but quite the contrary!

3 months ago I was talking about a trip to Europe.

(just ignore the line where I say I am going to update this blog more frequently. Lying obvs)

Well, it’s been and gone folks, and what a trip!

I took over 2,000 photos on the trip and am still weeding through them.

It was a great 5 weeks. LaLa and I had a ball wherever we went and we didn’t even stress too much when:

– the hire car was locked in a parking garage on a Sunday when we were leaving
– our room in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland was the size of a shoebox
– a 2 hour search for Laksa in Kulala Lumpur was for nothing
– the toilets at the music festival in England had the most disgusting toilets in the world
– we made the bus for the Beatles ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ by 2 minutes.

Seriously, if you haven’t been to Europe, go and do it. There’s really no reason. Everyone speaks English, even if it is only ‘a leetle beeet’, the sights are even prettier than the photos and you don’t have to go into every church you see.

We did a 2 week driving trip including 3,500km through 7 cities. It was pretty ambitious but it worked out really well, although perhaps a little too rushed.

Since returning it’s back to the drudgery of the working week and not enough time to do anything on the weekend.

Fortunately the weather is starting to fine up (stupid Canberra winters) and motivation to get a pergola built, the house painted and the body fit are starting to take hold.

As for other things….

– I love Regurgitator
AFL is stupid
– The Eels disappoint me again
LaLa keeps me sane
Computer games keep me from being bored
– I have 2 cars in the garage for the first time ever
– My body has survived a whole season of football (soccer)
Probiotics are a medical miracle
– Car services suck
Metallica are the bomb

I am getting to the time of year where I escape hibernation and feel the urge to be more active. It’s a good thing.

As for this blog? Who knows. I am not going to close it, but I will try to keep it updated.

If you came here from my Twitter feed you would know what I am a lot more active on there than on here.

140 characters are a lot easier to type…

Thanks for reading. Comment if you like. Discuss amongst yourselves.


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