The Future

Welcome to the Future…..


Hey! I’m here. I’ve never really gone anywhere, but I’ve just let the blog slide for a while.

Most of my slackness can be blamed on Life really. That thing called Life can really get in the way of blogging…about…life.

So….what’s been happening?

Well…you know….not much.

When people say that, it really means they’ve been busy as hell but couldn’t be bothered telling you about it.

Which is what I’m going to do. Not tell you about it. Because…I couldn’t be bothered.

Truth me told, the 3 people that read this blog probably aren’t too interested anyway 🙂

BUT, the exciting news that is really the reason I am back here is that in 3 weeks time, the LaLa and I will be sunning (please be sunny) it up in Europe.

I intend to blog about our forthcoming trip to UK and Europe as a way to let you (3) folk know what it’s like in the warmer hemisphere for a month or so.

Where are we headed?

UK, Scotland and then Western Europe.

Oh..and then a quick 2 day sojourn in Kuala Lumpur on the way back.

All within about 35 days.

I am hanging for this. Both of us have been We’ve been planning for this trip for the last 7 or 8 months, but only the last month or so have we really started to get into the nitty gritty. Most of the accommodation is locked in. Car Rental is done. Flights to Prague. Tickets to festivals. Tours of Anfield and Beatles stuff.

…and let’s not forget the tickets to Lord’s for the Australia v Pakistan Test Match.

Freaking bliss.

How’s this for a nice little drive around the countryside in Western Europe?

So, I know more people have done the travelling thing, but I’m pretty green to it all. Fortunately LaLa is Lil Miss Traveller so she’s been great at the suggestions. I’d still welcome any ideas or suggestions as to how to make a driving holiday of Western Europe simpler, easier or better in any way.

I think a GPS is a necessity. Whether we upgrade the maps on LaLa’s old Navman, or we hire a new one, I think it will be a good idea to be able to have a little computer person tell us where to turn instead of interpreting signage.

I’m still undecided as to whether I take my laptop or not. Most of the places we’re staying will have some sort of Wi-Fi, but then why will I need my laptop, other than to update twitter, blogging or read football scores.

I could just take my new Google Nexus phone, which has built in GPS and everything and is WAY better than those wanky iPhones thank you very much.

I’m a bit nervous about taking good stuff on the road with us as you never know where we might leave the car.

Am I being paranoid?

So, just to make you all a little more jealous, we’re staying in some shit-hot hotels along the way. It’s not that we’re loaded to the gills with cashola, but I’ve just been quite patient and clever with finding places to stay. Travelzoo comes out with their Top 20 deals each week and I’ve managed to snaffle some sweet hotels in Prague, Kuala Lumpur and Paris. We found a very cool bomhemian style hotel in Berlin, and a homely chalet in the Swiss Alps.

We still have Amsterdam, Munich and Edinburgh to go, and then we’ll be fully booked in.

Also, what do other travellers recommend for currency while we’re there? I have noticed that Travelex have these cash passport things which you can load up with currency and then use like ATM cards wherever you like. We could load up a card with Pounds and another with Euro’s for each part of the trip. That way we avoid conversion fees and holding too much cash. Any other suggestions are welcome though.

So, keep an eye-out, i’ll be updating this more frequently in the coming months!


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7 responses to “The Future

  • DameMintPattie

    I know what you mean, who wants to hear about all the boring stuff that fills in 80% of our days anyway. Trips to Europe are much more exciting.

    I’m told the Travelex card is good – but make sure you load it when you’ll get the best exchange rate. It’s always good to have a couple of sources of money available, so I’d recommend taking your visa/credit card as well.

  • LaLa

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Excited! Thanks for crediting me with suggestions but we both know that you have done most of the work!

  • Aly

    That road trip looks awesome! Most hire cars can probably come with a GPS/maps (I think you pay extra for it?) that should help. I hated those cash passport things. A friend had one in the States and so many places & atms wouldn’t work with it. I think you’re safer with cash & card.

    Sad I can’t get to Amsterdam, but hopefully will catch you guys a bit in London when you’re got some free time! Don’t worry Mick, Jase will always be around if you need to have an Eels venting session. 😉

  • Stayday

    I just came back from a month in the states and I loved the cash passport- I bought the visa debit version and could use in all shops and atms- no worries at all 🙂

  • Fiona

    Rish’s phone’s GPS came in handy so often!

    KL for a couple of days is great but makes Canberra SOOOO COLD

  • Agi/Mum

    Ooooooooh it all sounds soooooooo exciting!!! Can I hide in your suitcase? I so want to go! Talk to me before you go and keep up the updates! Love you!

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