ARIA Noms 2009.

The ARIA Nominations came out today and I am always interested in seeing who the ‘Industry’ sees as the hottest thing right now.

Best Album :

AC/DC – Black Ice : Seriously? As good as Acca Dacca were back in their heyday, is this album really worthy of a nomination? No.

Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream : This years ‘Presets’ will probably scoop the pool for their dancey, trancey hit of 2008/09. Talent oozes from these guys.

Eskimo Joe – Inshalla : As much as I have loved the ‘Joe’ in the past, I was a bit meh about this album. There are a couple of standout tracks, but mostly it seemed to be a ‘new direction’ album gone wrong and that’s after their ‘Black Fingernails’ album was a new direction album gone right.

Sarah Blasko – As Day Follows Night : I have to confess I have not listened to this album yet, but am a big fan of Blasko’s work. I am sure it’s pretty and lovely.

The Temper Trap – Conditions : The breakthrough band of the year deserve to have their debut band nominated. They have receive critical acclaim world-wide for their tightly produced album and I think they’re a dark-horse here.

It’s an interesting mix of albums. Almost like it was meant to be like that. I hope The Temper Trap win, but I expect Empire of the Sun to take the mantle from their cohorts, ‘The Presets’.

Best Adult Contemporary Album :

What the hell is Adult Contemporary anyway? I must be an adult though cause I like the nominations in this category

Bob Evans – Goodnight, Bull Creek! : The Jebediah front man comes back with an awesome album. Love his voice and love the feeling on this album.

David Campbell – Good Lovin’ : Barnesy Jr? Well, I think this is probably what Adult Contemporary is all about. But no, I have not heard this album so will refrain from commenting…

Josh Pyke – Chimney’s Afire : I am an unashamaed Pyke fan. This album is almost as good as his debut and that’s saying a lot. He’s a good guy with a good voice and even better song-writing skills. I hope he wins.

Little Birdy – Confetti : Infectious melodies and that cutesy voice are enough to get my hooked. Have always liked Little Birdy and happy to see them nominated here.

Paul Dempsey – Everything is True : It’s a relatively new album and I haven’t heard it all yet, but what I have heard, I like. He’s a heart-felt guy, that Paul Dempsey. Makes you want to listen to your old Something For Kate albums..

Who will win this category? I think it’s a toss-up between Josh Pyke and Little Birdy, but really as long as Barnesy doesn’t get it, I don’t mind who wins

Best Group :

AC/DC : Only if it’s still 1979

Empire of the Sun : Shouldn’t there be a duo category?

Eskimo Joe : Alt rockers turned commerical. Not this year.

Hilltop Hoods : Yes please. ‘State of the Art’ should have been nommed for best album.

The Drones : Wow. Impressive nomination, but more token than anything I’d say.

Best Breakthrough Single and Album :

Mauboy, Temper Trap, Ladyhawke (WTF? Isn’t she a Kiwi?), Bluejuice, Art vs Science, Lisa Mitchell.

A plethora of young talent there and I would LOVE to see Art vs Science or Bluejuice win it. ‘Broken Leg’ is the sing-a-long hit of the year! I dare-say Mauboy will win for her sheer popularity and family friendliness…..oh and maybe a little talent.

Best Rock Album :

AC/DC, Eskimo Joe, Jet

Temper Trap, The Drones

You can split them into these 2 categories and then ignore the 2nd lot because I don’t think they’ll get a look in unfortunately. I wouldn’t be surprised if AC/DC win this one.

Best Urban Release :

Astronomy Class, Hilltop Hoods, Horrowshow, Pez, Phrase

It’s a Triple J playlist creators dream. Any of these bands are worthy of this prize, but i daresay the ‘Hoods’ will smash the opposition in this one.

Best Single :

Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream

Hilltop Hoods – Chase That Feeling

Kate Miller-Heidke – The Last Day On Earth

Ladyhawke – My Delirium

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

The big one. The Single of the Year. how can the Hilltop Hoods get nominated for this, but not album of the year? I love their song, but I think any of them have a chance. Still, if Ladyhawke win, then we can assume that we can nominate Dave Dobbyn and Scribe as well? C’mon!

Awards given out on November 26 to lots of very drunk Australian Music Industry people.

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5 responses to “ARIA Noms 2009.

  • Melly Mel

    Wow, Best Single is one hell of a lineup isn’t it? Anyone’s guess on that one I reckon, they’re all pretty deserving.

    Awful lot of overlap amongst the categories too hey, AC/DC, Empire of the Sun and Eskimo Joe featuring heavily. I concur re the Hilltops on Best Album, odd they’re not included. I do really like Empire of the Sun but realistically I think they should be more of a Best Single shot than best album, I did enjoy the album but when I listen to their stuff it’s usually only 3 songs I look for, I don’t go seeking out the whole thing. Inshalla was a bit hmm wasn’t it *waggles hand from side to side*, I listened to Black Fingernail Red Wine so many times I’m suprised the CD still works. Inshalla had a good few runs but nothing like the last. I’m still a HUGE fan tho, love the Joe, and they are well worth seeing live if you’ve not already (not at a festival, see their own live show, is great!). Bob Evans was actually supporting them when they came to newy, he let me take a pic with him too, really nice guy! Haven’t listed to all of Bull Creek yet but have it here ready and waiting (ooh and signed too! lol I think I musta been a groupie in a past life LOL).
    Now Art vs Science – I’ve never really heard of them much until recently (haven’t been listening to ANY radio for ages now so missing out on lots of new music). I’m about to go to Fat As Butter tho and they’re playing there. Trouble is that they’re on at the same time as the Hilltops!! 😦 Given that Hilltops are playing Homebake too tho so I can see them again there who would you go see?

  • Sarah

    The temper trap worst band to come out of a Australia in ten years. They dont even live in Australia go back to England where they have no idea about music.

  • AC/DC Abruzzo

    AC/DC back in Europe in 2010!!!

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