Happy Happy Joy Joy?

In 2007, 16 Million Australians were surveyed on their current state of mind.

8.2 Million of them declared they were happy, and 2.8M of those were in a state of delight.

That’s a pretty impressive amount of people to be on cloud nine.

Only 448,000 people saw themselves as unhappy or miserable.

The most interesting part of this survey though was the cross-section of happy and unhappy people.

The most unhappy age bracket? 40-49 years old

The happiest states? Brisbane and Perth with 55.7% of people delighted or pleased with their life.

The unhappiest states? Melbourne with 3.1% of people miserable

Smokers? 44.3% were happy

Non-smokers? 53.2% were happy

If you were divorced, separated or widowed? 37.6% are happy

Single or Married? Both around 53% happy.

And if you exercise a lot? 64.5% of people were happy, compared to 48.4% of low exercisers.

So, I guess I need to move to Brisbane, get married (or single) and exercise a lot!


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