Se7en Things

Just for the hell of it:

Seven Things You Will Find In Your Room

Clothes (on the floor)
Shoes (under the bed)
An array of Graphic Novels and books on my side table
A fan, that hasn’t been turned on for a few weeks
Toe Clippers
A 34cm TV that isn’t even plugged in

Seven Relationship Questions
  1. Do you like anyone? Um. Yes.
  2. Does someone like you? Um. I think so 🙂
  3. Last kiss? Earlier today?
  4. Been led on? Oh yeah. Damn Teases.
  5. Been cheated on? Ummm. I don’t think so? (do guys always say that?)
  6. Want a relationship? In one thanks!
  7. Wanna get married? Again? Yeah…one day.
Seven Things You Can’t Live Without

Triple J
My Bass Guitar
My sisters

Seven Things On Your Mind

What to wear when I see Lily?
I really need to send back that broken PVR
…and that stupid aerial that doesn’t work properly
Will the band have rehearsed enough before the wedding?
Holidays. Soon. Phew…
Footy Season soon. Yes!

Seven Other Things: Do You…
  1. Believe in God? Nope, unless he’s Michael Slater.
  2. Had a dream come true? Yup!
  3. Read the newspaper? Yeah, mostly for the sport.
  4. Apparently there’s a question missing here. Sweet!
  5. Have a best friend? Several.
  6. Hold grudges? Not really.
  7. Wish on stars? Yeah. Does that make me ghey?
Seven Have-You-Ever
  1. Fallen in love? Of course!
  2. Kissed someone of the same sex? Um…yes.
  3. Hooked up with someone who had a gf/bf? Nope.
  4. Been to a bonfire? Yeah! Loved them when I was a kid
  5. Ran away from home? Nah. We lived too far from anything when I was a kid.
  6. Played strip poker? Yeah.  With 4 guys. Fun.
  7. Pulled an all nighter? Many times. But never for study.
Seven Thing In the Last 24 Hours Have You?
  1. Cried? Nope.
  2. Had fun? Yeah.
  3. Been hugged? Yes!
  4. Felt stupid? No.
  5. Talked to an ex? Yes.
  6. Missed someone? Yup. Get home from the gym LaLa!
  7. Listened to music? Yes!
Seven Artists/Bands You Really Like at the Moment

Lily Allen
Still Flyin’
Empire of the Sun
Little Birdy
Bon Iver
The Whitest Boy Alive

Seven Songs Right Now

Still Flyin’Good Thing It’s A Ghost Town Around Here
Little BirdyBrother
The Whitest Boy Alive1517
Josh PykeThe Summer
The GratesMilk Eyes
LadyhawkeMy Delirium

Seven Movies You Love

Zack & Miri Make a Porno – Go see it. Kevin Smith is back. This is funny and well written and just cool.
Slumdog Millionaire – You’ve heard all the raving. It’s worth it. Go see it!
Sin City – I’ve got the collectors edition with the graphic novel. Lurve it!
The Breakfast Club – Same thing! New collectors edition to watch. Woot!
Pulp Fiction – Quite simply, my favourite movie of all time.
The Dark Knight – If you haven’t seen it yet? Now’s the time.  Best Comic Book ever… (until The Watchmen?)
Se7en – Not just because it fits in with this meme. It’s a tops movie. David Fincher at his best (will he ever get that good again?)


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