From Eric to Lily

Well the 1927 support gig was fun! Who knew Eric Weideman now had dread-locks! He also has an amazing voice and the songs he sang from 20 years ago still sound great.

I have something even more exciting coming up now though.

Triple J announced that there will be a small intimate concert at their studios in Sydney next week with a little someone…..

Yes! LaLa and I are heading up to JJJ on Tuesday to see Lily Allen with just 30 (give or take) other people!

Very very cool!

Not sure how close we’ll get to her, but you’d think with an audience that small we should all get a chance to say G’day personally.

If I get pics, I’ll put them up!

And as for all the people that go, “Lily who?” or “Who is she?”


Look at this.

or for an older one

or for a funny one (where she looks v cute)

LaLa is worried that I might have too much of a crush on her.

I asked if I could add her to my Celebrity List

She said…..



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