Nineteen Twenty who?

It was 1990.

I was 13 (and a half) years old.

A few mates and I got a leave pass from the parents and I went to my first ever concert.

It was at Bruce Stadium (aka ‘The Palace’ or now ‘AIS Arena’). It’s a big venue, which was more likely to host Canberra Cannons games.

The band was 1927. A band that was hugely successful in the late 80’s and early 90’s with catchy rocky pop songs.

I don’t really remember a lot of the concert apart from screaming my lungs out to ‘Compulsory Hero’ and ‘If I Could’, but my lack of memory doesn’t distort the fact that it started me on my concert listening journey.

Now fast forward 19 years.

It’s 2009.

I’m 32 (and a half) years old.

A few mates and I are playing a gig tonight. We are supporting…. 1927!

Yup, Eric Weideman will be there belting out their greatest hits. Some with a band, and some solo.

This has all come about so quick and we are still training up our new drummer.

This will be his first gig with us. We’re only doing a 45 minute set, so it should be pretty easy.

I am itching to play again. It’s been about 2 months since our last gig and I am missing the playing (and the extra cash!). We have a wedding gig next month which we are frantically trying to rehearse for, but this gig should go a long way towards making sure we are ready for that.

Wish us luck!


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