Cooling Off Period…

Well, since my last post about loving the heat, mother nature really fucked out and destroyed half of Victoria with bushfires.

That wasn’t supposed to happen.

It’s some pretty unbelievable shit. Fires are such a powerful and all-consuming force and trying to fight them with little hoses and buckets seems pointless.

Some of the amazing stuff from the tragedies of last weekend have been the stories of survival, guts, selflessness and then the generosity and help from other Aussies afterwards. The schmoltzy stories on Channel Nine aside, it’s heart-warming to hear of truck loads of clothes, blankets and toys being sent to Victoria from all over Australia and of course the toll that we should all be keeping track of.  Over $48Million donated to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

Amazing stuff.

As always, Australia comes together in times of tragedy.


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