It’s summer. Get used to it!

So, it’s hot. Wah wah wah.

I fucking love this weather.

Bear in mind that I grew up in Western Sydney. And I’m talking west of west. Out near the Hawkesbury River. Out where they filmed A Country Practice. In fact, A Wandin Valley sign was sometimes seen covering our suburb sign. (ignore the stupid Wiki entry about Cessnock.)

I grew up with snakes, spiders, wasps, chickens and donkeys on our 5 acre property.

We regularly had 30+ degree days in summer, often hitting 40 when we would be forced inside at school. In fact, it was the norm, and we had no air conditioning in the Dad-made log cabin house or the Datsun 180B.

My summer memories were of days in the above-ground pool, frollicking under the sprinkler at my grandparents, sucking down ice-blocks, or lounging in front of the cricket with frozen oranges.

Summer rocks.

However, I have lived through 20 long, cold, frigid winters in Canberra and I hate them. They usually last from Anzac Day (April) till Labour Day (October) and I’ve dealt with seeing my breath when I’m in bed, scraping thick layers of ice off my windscreen with frozen fingers and not being able to open the door for any more than 5 seconds or you’ll lose all the warm air.

Winter sucks.

So now we’ve had a nice hot summer. Something that we should expect in this hot dry land of ours. It feels like we haven’t had a decent summer in years and I am loving it.

44 degrees here, 45 degrees there. I am almost jealous when that shit isn’t in Canberra, but we’ve had some good 37 and 38 degree days to be proud of.

This weekend the reports say that Australia will be the hottest place on the planet as Western NSW is expected to hit 47 degrees.


It’s about time we had a hot summer. If I show you some comparisons of last years Canberra summer to this years Canberra summer, you’ll see what I mean.

Total days of 35 degrees or over:

07/08 – 4 days
08/09 – 8 days (as of Feb 6th)

Total days of 30 degrees or over:

07/08 – 18 days
08/09 – 24 days (as of Feb 6th with the last 11 days over 30)

Total days of 25 degrees or under:

07/08 – 39 days
08/09 – 18 days (as of Feb 6th)

Bloody Canberra. See? It doesn’t even know how to do Summer properly…

THIS year is how summer is supposed to be people.

Bring on the sweat. Bring on the heat. Bring on the sun!



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6 responses to “It’s summer. Get used to it!

  • Melly Mel

    I love Summer too and just want to go hibernate for the season when winter hits but I have to say lately it has been a bit hard to bear. Especially when you gotta suit up for work LOL we’ve been getting over 40’s pretty regular like up my way (we’re always about 4 degrees hotter than Newcastle on the coast) but I think what’s made it hard is that we’ve had such a mild start to Summer, it was like bloody autumn for ages, then all of a sudden… BAM!…. 40-46 degree days in one big hit, no chance to haha “warm up” to it so to speak… I wish I had a pool… actually I wish my spa was working. I would fill it up with a big ass bag of ice and get a massage as well as heat relief hahaha! 🙂

  • Fiona

    I still like to whinge! I grew up in Lake Macquarie – but not on the coastal side. closer to “Necknock” :p

  • alyndabear

    Ahem, I am NOT looking forward to the 45o that is predicted at Penrith here this weekend. We’re bracing ourselves for a complete power outage… it’s what always happens when everyone turns on the air conditioning to battle it.

    Ah, the days of paddling pools and sprinklers without water restrictions. Has spoiled it a bit!

    (My poor skin is so used to English cold weather, it’s freaking out and has burned/peeled/dried out after 1.5 weeks back here!)

  • Fiona

    @alynda – we had excessive amounts of bindis when I was a kid!

  • Enny

    I love it!!!

    I remember in primary school we were allowed to bring facewashers in and listen to reading after lunch for half an hour with a wet facewasher on our head – I always figured I must have been a real wuss as a kid, but if this is what summer is used to be like? AWESOME!!!

  • Mick

    Aaah yes. Before water restrictions.
    Mind you, we had a water tank when I was a kid, so we were always pretty skimpy on the water. That’s what we used the pool for…..which was filled from a big water truck.

    We also shared baths…..the whole family.


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