Telecommunications can suck my balls

If you’ve ever had problems connecting a phone, the internet or something that involves WIRES, you’ll be able to sympathise with this little story….

Here’s the ish:

  • I am sick of using Virgin Broadband for out Internet connection. It was suckful enough when only I was using it, and now that LaLa and I share it, it’s becoming turtle-like for our facebooking, you-tubing ways.
  • I’m on a 2 year contract with Virgin, that runs out in August…
  • I’ve decided that I am going to escape that contract (no WAY am I paying anything man) and wanted to hook up with TPG’s 50Gb/$50 plan.
  • Being the tech nerd that I am, I realised I needed a phone line first, so I called the evil Tel$tra and requested a new connection on their HomeLine Budget plan.
  • “Sure!”, they said as they welcomed my custom and dragged $59 out of me for a connection fee (to flick a switch) and told me that it would be activated in 3 to 5 days.
  • That Friday, I was told it was connected, but alas. No dial tone.
  • I called Telstra again and mentioned this lack of dial tone and they said, “Are you sure your phone works?”.  “Yes, I am sure”, I replied. “Ok, there must be a fault with the connection. We will send out a technician by Tuesday or Wednesday to have a look at it”
  • That was yesterday, and after the Telstra dude locked his keys in his car and had a poke around, he informs us that there is no phone line into the house at all, only Transact. He also informs us that it will cost like 1000 bucks to install a new line into the house. Friendly guy. Crap response.
  • In the meantime, I was trying to jump the gun on this connection malarky and had called TPG about signing up to their plan and the wheels were in motion baby.
  • *SCREEEECH* The brakes went on. I called Telstra and told them I would not like a connection anymore, kthxbye. The lady reckoned a new line would probably cost $299, but buggered if I’m paying that on a rental, and I wasn’t about to hit up our 70 sumpy year old landlord.
  • More waiting on hold and I cancelled the installation with TPG.
  • Ok. Back to square one and that little doovy looking Virgin Modem.
  • Fine. I will use Transact then. They’re bloody expensive, but we figured, we could get Phone, Subscription TV and 35Gb of Internet a month for around $118 a month. Not too bad, when shared.
  • I had not yet called Transact to order this, but I got a lovely courtesy call from a Telstra lady this arvo saying, “So, about the fault in your phone line at your house, the technicians will be back to fix it on Monday.” WTF? I told her what the technicians told me and that I didn’t think that was possible unless a whole new line was put in. She was adamant that it would be done as it was a Telstra fault and a lead-in cable was just needed to be installed and I would not pay anything. WTF??
  • So, now I am wondering whether or not I sign up with Transact, or wait for Telstra to do  something on Monday.  I would rather get ADSL 2+ if possible, but I don’t mind the Transact deal I was going to get anyway!
  • Maybe this is a way of getting the phone line hooked up with Telstra for free and then I can pick whichever provider I want!

I dunno. I confused.

Watch this space!


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3 responses to “Telecommunications can suck my balls

  • Fiona

    Also have a virgin wireless broadband connection that runs out in Augustish. Also were going to get out, but can’t be bothered with all that!

    We had threats to be cut off because we hit our 4 gig quota a couple of months in a row (oh no!) but that was about the time they were switching to 2gig for their standard plans. *slaps*

  • Mick

    Yeah, I was offered a ‘get-out’ option about a year ago and I didn’t take (dammit).
    How long ago did you get ‘threatened/offered’?

  • Fiona

    It was in the old place, so maybe September?

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