H100, G&T and Oz Day

I love the Australia Day weekend, but my liver is regretting it.

Here’s what I remember from Monday…

  • 4 too many Gin and Tonic’s (including 1 Gin & Passiona which probably pushed me over the edge)
  • a plate full of tasty lamb and snags,
  • a top 10 from the Hottest 100 containing doubles from Kings of Leon, MGMT and The Presets
  • a sink full of pre-chewed lamb & snags (and the odd chocolate)
  • dark

Yes! An Australia Day to remember!

Although, I forget most of it.

Was pretty happy with the H100. Lots of Oz stuff, lots of songs I liked and a Number 1 that I voted for (yeah, I know. I’m boring)

Check out the final list here

9 of my 10 songs made it in, with 3 of them making the top 10, and 5 of them in the top 20!

And that’s it for another year. Phew. It took me 2 days to get over Monday, but hey, tomorrow’s Friday.



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3 responses to “H100, G&T and Oz Day

  • Melly Mel

    We both did well on the H100 then by the sounds of things! 🙂 I voted for the entire Top 6 LOL and had 10 in the top 15 :)) Suprised that the Presets didn’t end up higher in the food chain but I reckon that is likely to be a product of their album being released quite a lot earlier in the year compared to MGMT, Empire of the Sun and KOL, fresher in the mind and no time to get sick of them yet for the latter 3, tho I have to say I am almost, ALMOST (but not quite) getting to over it point with KOL LOL

  • LaLa

    4 too many G&T’s makes one big vomit… that I loved cleaning up.

  • Melly Mel

    Moral to the story is to make him clean it up himself LaLa! Especially funny if you make him do it whilst he is still pissed, then you get to watch him trying to hold another one down whilst he cleans up the first one LOL 😉 Sorry Mick but it’s just too funny hehehe!

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