Hope Renewed.

What a great thing it was to see 2 Million people trampling the lawn at the National Mall in Washington DC overnight.

It has made me pine to be back in DC, at least for a few days to experience the buzz, the positivity, the late bar opening times and the unbelievable security.

Next Tuesday is the 3 year anniversary of the day I left to go and live in Washington for a year. It was a roller-coaster of a year. I slept in more beds than I can count, met more people than I remember, and drank more bad American beer than brain cells I lost. But the one thing that stood out from that year is my perception of the everyday American. They are friendly, honest, open and more than willing to invite you to a party or dinner only an hour after meeting them.

It was this generosity from a country that was under the cloud of war and a president with language difficulties that left a timeless mark on me and continues to nip at my internal heels to return.

And I will return….one day…..to New York, to Washington, to Virginia plus all the places I haven’t been, because it is a very vast land, and the small taste I got was barely enough to show me what the country had to offer.

And at least now, when I go back, there will be a renewed hope and optimism from a country that, for 8 years was in the thick of a grey haze promoted by an administration that didn’t allow it’s citizens a voice or a clear view into the future.

His speech contained the words “Nation”, “America”, “every”, “people” and “new” the most.

It’s a ‘new day for every person in the nation of America’, but as we know, the effects will be felt around the world.

Here’s a cool tag cloud of the words that featured in his inauguration address:

Time to look forward….

Photo from michaeldeangelis on Flickr

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2 responses to “Hope Renewed.

  • LaLa

    I can’t believe you forgot to mention Aretha’s hat.

  • Angie

    that didn’t allow it’s citizens a voice or a clear view into the future

    Not you too! We have always had a voice, regardless of administration. A very loud, clear one. During the Clinton years, there were those loudly unhappy with how he was running things. Just as the left were quite vocal with their objects with Bush’s term in office. As to view of the future, also been very clear. Just a disagreement among many where that direction should go. Please don’t buy into the hype that the extreme left, extreme right, try to sell.

    Bush, many may not have been happy with his methods, but he truly believed he was doing what was best for America. Dont fault him for that.

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