Old Man Mick

Ok, so this is the last post about my health for a while.

Besides, all I’ve got is Gout.

And my Cholesterol is fine. “3 point nothing” is what the doc said. He thinks the nurse got a little confused on the phone.

But gout. Finally confirmed. Just gotta lay off the shell-fish, the brains, the sheep spleen and sweetbread.

My Uric Acid was through the roof, which was probably not assisted by the fact that I had a shit-load of beer in the 3 days preceding the blood test.

But, no more beer binges for a while. Gotta get the kidneys functioning again. I have been drinking litres of water a day and am amazed at how often I need to pee now.

I feel better for all the fluid though and although the foot doesn’t quite feel 100% yet, I am hoping I can control the gout attacks by watching what I eat and drink.

On a better note, I am going to Trackside tomorrow which I think is going to kick-arse, except for the weather forecast for tomorrow:

Forecast for Saturday
Scattered showers falling as snow showers above 1200m. Mostly cloudy with strong gusty westerly winds developing, reaching gale force at high elevation late in the day.

Precis:      A few showers, windy.
City:        Min  7    Max  15

WTF??? This is the 22nd of NOVEMBER. 8 days from Summer, and we’re talking SNOW???

Not happy. When can I move to QLD already?

Oh shit, that’s right they get raging storms every night.

Ok then, Belize it is


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