Hold Your Breath. 7 Days to Go.

I’m nervous.

A country holds its breath.

A world holds its breath.

A week from now the Americans will be waking up and getting ready to go to the polls.

Obama vs McCain.

It should be a simple result.

The polls have Obama with up to a 12 point lead.

Time magazine has called it.

Paddy Power, a betting agency in Europe, has paid out all bets for an Obama win.

Why am I so nervous?

Well, this morning we find out that 2 Neo-Nazi skinheads were plotting to kill Obama by driving straight towards him and firing their shotguns with a car that has a swastika on it and the numbers ’88’ standing for ‘Heil Hitler’.

There was also this postcard on postsecret.

(the covered section presumably says “matter of time”)

A comment on this card was made…..that hopefully the person who sent this in was not…planning anything.


All this from a country where an 8 year old boy:

a) is allowed into a gun show for free.

b) is allowed to shoot an uzi at targets.

c) ‘accidently’ shots himself in the head.


So you can see why I’m nervous.

The USA and the world are on the brink of something special.

Let’s hope that nothing screws that up.


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I've been around a while. I like to wrap myself around the warm security of the interwebs which have consumed me since 1993. I whinge, I rant, I crap on. Enjoy. View all posts by Mick

6 responses to “Hold Your Breath. 7 Days to Go.

  • Trish

    I was really annoyed by that postcard on PostSecret. I always thought PostSecret was for people to confess their innermost thoughts about themselves. This postcard isn’t someone’s confession, it’s a deliberately inflammatory statement to eat away at a nation’s greatest fear. What’s the point? (rant over)

    If the unspeakable happened, America will lose what little standing it has left in the world. It will just be that crazy country that f*cked up the middle east and the economy and when it had the chance to redeem itself it shot itself in the foot.

    Yeah, I’m a little too fired up over this election. I need to get a hobby.

  • Mick

    I’ve been reading your blog with interest Trish!

    Your commentary is definitely….how should I say…fanatical 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by!

  • kirby

    its all going to hell if mccain wins.

    creepy old man .. grr

  • Prizetastic

    Must say I have tried not to get too tied up in the US election, but I can’t help but hope that obama wins this one for the sake of all of us!!

  • lactatingbookworm

    I agree with Trish. It’s really inappropriate.

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