Heartbeat. Yup. I’m still Alive.

Hi. Yeah, it’s me. I know I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Ummm, it’s just that I’ve found it hard to find time to blog and when I do, I just can’t blog about what I want to blog about.

But a quick rundown.

  • The cruise was fan-freaking-tastic. Had a great, relaxing time and it made me want to get a job on a cruise ship… as long as I could stand the constant rocking, and the bogans.
  • Work has been a bitch. Just trust me, if you ever think about putting in a Computer Associates product in your workplace. THINK AGAIN.
  • Been housesitting/sharing with a good mate of mine. It’s been nice to have some space for the first time in ages, but even better to connect again with a friend that I have felt was slipping away. Sharing a house could have made it harder, but it has been easy and fun.
  • Doing a 8 hour shift over night at a Mexican take-away is hard work. I really have no idea how the owner does it. Every. Single. Week.
  • Our band managed to play a gig last week at All Bar Nun with less than 2 hours notice. We arrived, played and packed up within 3 hours to earn more than we usually do for a 4 hour gig. Score! It was only because we had 3 members instead of 4 though, and we were seriously running out of song by the end of it!
  • Footy Season is over, and cricket begins. Just as well, cause I was getting sick of the Eels screwing up. Here’s hoping that the cricketers can beat those Indians. In other sporting news, my Liverpool Reds are undefeated and that’s enough to keep me wearing my jersey at every opportunity…
  • I am reading ‘The Watchmen’, the most amazing Graphic Novel ever written, which coincidentally is being made into a movie next year that looks to be the most amazing film ever made. CHECK IT OUT.

Come back next week too. I may very well have something big that I will be writing here……



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