Olympic Pronunciation

I’m loving the Olympics right now.

I didn’t think I was that interested in it coming this time. I didn’t feel there was much hype about it or build up.

I have great memories of past Olympics. All the way back to the ‘Moscow..Moscow…tra la la la la la la’ theme from the 1980 Olympics (I was 4), to the efforts of Dean Lukin, Glynis Nunn in LA in 1984 to Debbie Flintoff-King and Duncan Armstrong at the 1988 Barcelona games. It’s still burnt into my brain.

I love the surprises that the Olympics always seem to throw up. Canoeing, Tae-Kwan-Do, Archery. Those obscure sports that you only think about every 4 years.

Channel Seven’s coverage has been pretty ordinary and blasted all over the place, but at the end of the day there are a shitload of events to cover and unless you can watch all day and spend time with every sport, you’ve got no chance, so you have to settle for the highlights they show in prime time.

What shits me though is the pronunciation of Beijing.

Am I wrong in thinking that it has always been pronounced as ‘Beige-ing’?

Why is it that ALL the Seven commentators have obviously been told to pronounce it as ‘Bay-Jing’

It sounds like how Kath & Kim would say it. “Let’s sit down with a bottle of ‘cardonay’ and watch the ‘Bay Jing’ Olympics”

Edit: Ok…I have gone and googled the pronunciation and apparently it’s said right by the commentators, but it still sounds STUPID

Anyway, GO THE AUSSIES. Let’s being home at least 10 golds and celebrate another successful games. We can’t expect to get another 17 this time!


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