9021-Oh My God It’s Back.

Remember these guys?

We thought they were cool 18 years ago.

Seriously, if you watch that show now, you just cringe.

It’s bloody hard to watch. Especially those Andrea and Brandon scenes (shudder)

Fast forward to 2008 and you get this….

Beverly Hills 90210 is back.

Channel 10 has bought the rights.

We are going back 18 years people.

Old: Brenda

New: Annie

Old: Donna

New: Annalynne

Old: Dylan

New: Ethan

Old: Jim

New: Harry

It’s going to be terrible, I can just tell.

Andrea Zuckerman‘s son will be at the school. Remember Andrea? The one that looked so old and out of place, that she should have been one of the kids mothers instead of going to high school?

She’s now 47.

Apparently Shannen Doherty (Brenda), Jennie Garth (Kelly) and Tori Spelling (Donna) will all be reprising roles in some way or another.

All the male actors declined.

Because of their massive careers.

Side note. Did you know Jessica Alba was in 2 episodes?

LaLa. What do you think??


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3 responses to “9021-Oh My God It’s Back.

  • Melly Mel

    I love how “Ethan” is trying to pull off the classic Luke Perry “trying to look really cool but instead just looking really worried and stupid” look. He’d be better off trying Blue Steel on for size haahahaha!

    I never liked 90210 to begin with so I hesitate to think what a new version will be like given the current standards of your average TV show LOL.

  • Fiona

    OMG I was watching this in greece, because it was the only english thing i could find at the time

  • LaLa

    Just goes to show that in the 90’s, everyone was plain… did you see those pics of Jessica Alba?

    Anyway, the whole point of Bevvers is that I love it because it’s SO bad! I love it. It’s like KFC, you know it’s bad for you but you still want it!

    I can’t fucking WAIT! But I hope they don’t try and make it like the OC.

    I want it Aaron Spelling. Dynasty, Melrose Place, Love Boat…

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