I Want to Believe..

The new X-Files is what you expect, but not.

Remember the good old days of early X-Files episodes which weren’t obsessed with the whole alien conspiracy theories, smoking men and Mulder’s daughter?

The movie is like that and it works. Scully smokes up the screen, and together with Mulder they just make you wish you were an ex-FBI agent with time to kill.

I really enjoyed it and although I may have been expecting a little more it was worth the whole $10 I spent on it (love those Hoyts Bluetooth prices!).

So, we’ve landed on Mars and are making little footprints with Phoenix craft. They’ve found evidence that water was there as well, and are now looking for the proof of life.

It’s pretty awesome if they find something. What do we call animals/organisms that exist on a planet other than ours? It’s like a whole blank canvas and a spanking new planet we can destroy.

Oh, and then some weird looking creature ‘washed up’ on the beach in New York

Looks convincing hey?

It’s most likely some viral marketing for a new Cartoon Network show called Cryptids, but damn, I wish it was real. Those little horns are cool, and is it just me or does it look like he is giving us the finger?

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5 responses to “I Want to Believe..

  • Epskee

    Not only is it possible that we could completely destroy a whole other ecosystem and bring extinction to numerous new and exciting species, but also….. think of all the new weird porn neiche’s we can create!

    Or was I the only one to think of that? Sorry, my bad.

  • LaLa

    That thing is gross. I am glad it doesn’t exist.

  • Melly Mel

    Your movie reviews are wonderful, I rarely go to the movies anymore so when I do go I don’t want to pay to see crap. X-Files was one of those that I would probably never have watched for the simple fact that it went downhill so bad towards the end of the series (which I used to LOVE with a passion) that you kinda figure what more do they have left? Especially considering the flagging careers of both our hero and heroine LOL.

    And someone has had a real good time in Photoshop with that little baby! Looks like a shaved cat melded with a hawk or something…! [:/

  • kirby

    So Mick…

    random question that has nothing to do with blogs.
    how much do you actually know about computers? Coz my laptop has just decided to shit itself and it isn’t letting me open anything. Like.. literally nothing will open. I can’t even do a system restore.
    I’m apprehensive about taking it to be fixed because … I can’t get into it to censor anything the computerguys might find. And… well… there’s a shitload of stuff on that thing that I don’t want anyone to find.

    Any suggestions?

  • Melly Mel

    For ur interest regarding the weird “beach thing” LOL

    Convenient how it disappeared isn’t it. 🙂

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