It’s Time to Go, Big Brother.

“This is seriously the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life”

– Rory on having to select someone to ‘snap’ evict tonight – Big Brother 2008

What the fuck?

THAT’S the hardest?

You obviously haven’t had a very tough life, Rory.

Ok, so it’s the last week EVER of Big Brother Australia. The show will not be renewed by Channel 10 next year, although there is a possibility of another channel picking it up. (Channel 7 has had talks)

There were 5 housemates left tonight, and then we had to endure an HOUR AND A HALF of them moaning, whinging, complaining and crying about having to snap evict 2 housemates.

Ok, I don’t presume to know what it’s like to be stuck in a house for 3 months, with no outside contact and then having to lose the people you have been spending that time so closely with.

It must be hard. Sure. But, seriously. The hardest thing in your life?”. I just don’t get that.

I have been a Big Brother fan. I admit it. I have watched at least some of every season since it started in 2001. I get excited at the start to see who will be in the house. I like to see the personalities clash. I like to see what Big Brother will come up with.

Then I get bored. The daily shows get monotonous. The Friday night games clash with the footy. I just lose interest mostly.

Not sure why, but I’m obviously not the only one. Ratings have fallen every season and every week that the show is on.

I think that once the initial interest wanes, the length of the show just hurts the show. It goes for 3 months after all, and if you miss a few episodes here and there it doesn’t really matter. So obviously it’s only the hard-core fans that watch every single night/week. And those hard-core fans are dropping off every year.

So, anyway, they spent 80 minutes evicting 2 people, only for those 2 people to come back into the house.

Talk about a mind-fuck Big Brother!

It was an exercise in character, for us to determine who we want to win.

Well, who do I want to win?

Not Travis. Enduring 3 months of his voice has been enough. I think his head would explode if he won. Nice guy, but just…no.

Not Terri. Sorry, but she was voted out on the first night. Big Brother’s insistance on bringing her back just smacks of manipulation and desperation for ratings.

Not Ben. That smarmy up himself nob doesn’t deserve the money. He’s gonna be a lawyer and is smarter than everyone else, as he has reminded everyone over and over again.

So that leaves Alice and Rory.

I like them both.

I think Rory should win because he’s honest, he’s himself and he’s passionate.

I think Alice should win for similar reasons. Honest, straight forward and normal.

If I had to pick one?

Give it to Rory. The audience obviously like him (has been nominated a LOT) and he’s different from previous winners.

Will he win?

Will he win?


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