Hello Hollowmen!

A surprise discovery last night was the new show from Working Dog Productions (ie. The D-Generation).

It’s called The Hollowmen and is on ABC at 9:30 Wednesday nights.

The description from the website says:

The Hollowmen is a comedy-drama set in the office of the Central Policy Unit, a special think tank personally set up by the Prime Minister to help him in the most important job of all – getting re-elected.

Their brief is “long term vision”; to stop worrying about tomorrow’s headlines, and focus on next week’s

The thing is, that like the D-Gen’s other productions, Frontline & The Castle, this show is scarily accurate and digs under the Public Service bullshit to show what happens.

The answer is of course, nothing. The public service is so often a very large and very expensive waste of time.

The sets are reminiscent of Parliament House and there are some shots actually taken from inside.

For anyone who lives in Canberra or knows the way the public service works, this is a must watch. So damn funny.

The cast is great! Rob Sitch is there, and his sidekick Santo Cilauro, but you also have Merrick Watts (from Merrick and Rosso fame) as a very funny Political Advisor. There’s many other old Aussie actors you’ll recognise as well.

It’s only a 6 parter, so get onto it now. You can watch last nights episode online here!


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