(Kids x 3) + Sydney + Footy + 11 hours of driving = 1 Tired Dad

So after moving all of my stuff out of my place (more on that some time) and into various nooks and crannies on Friday, and getting a sore throat, stuffed up nose in the process, I took the kids up to Sydney on Friday arvo.

The original idea was to go to the Parramatta v Penrith game because the boys go for Parra and my daughter goes for Penrith. Also, I hadn’t been to a game in a while and thought it would be a good chance to get away on the weekend before the school holidays.

They wore me the hell out, but we had fun. They travel pretty well in the car, but it’s the dragging around Sydney that gets pretty hard.

We went on a ferry and a train (in the same day!) which was a first for them. They saw the sights of the harbour and hopefully it’ll be something they remember. LaLa got to experience managing 3 tired kids while being sick herself. Fun!

I must admit that I always forget and underestimate how much work it is to take the kids on a trip. With the excitement of being away, and the chance to take advantage of Dad, they can be a handful.

The 4 year old is constantly hungry, or sleepy, and I must have taken the boys to the toilet about 20 times. Bladders of a pregnant woman I tell you!

The footy on Sunday was fun. We had front row seats, which I thought would be good, but unfortunately the fence was so high that the kids struggled to see over it. Next time, a few rows back would work better πŸ™‚

The result wasn’t the best, but I think the kids enjoyed it. The boisterous drunken outbursts from fans behind us will surely burn into their brain. Fortunately they weren’t witness to the racial abuse that apparently happened.

I thnk we ate way too much junk food, but hey…that’s what holidays are for hey?

I still wanna see Kung Fu Panda though. I was going to use the kids as an excuse to see it….but might have to see it myself now πŸ™‚

So, back to work. Still got a scratchy throat and stuffed up nose, but instead get to share it with workmates. Yay for them πŸ™‚

3 weeks till I head back to Sydney.


Time is going so slow.


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