State of Origin III – Blues forget how to score.

Tripe. Yet again.

Hey at least the Blues scored 1 try. Pity they forgot how to pass the ball.

Have you ever heard of OFF LOADS, or maybe SPREADING THE BALL, how about SCORING A FREAKING TRY.

Not happy.

Willie Mason – Fuck off and never play Origin again. You talk big. You play shit.

Brett White – Instead of pointing to someone else to tackle Thurston, why didn’t you give it a go?

Anthony Quinn – Well you sure made up for scoring 2 tries in Origin I didn’t you? Scores are level now. Now go away.

Ryan Hoffman – You can take lessons from one Nathan Hindmarsh. He will teach you how to run, tackle and be a decent guy in the process. Your spot should have been his.

The good guys?

Kurt Gidley – You stood up and showed how good a player you were. Throwing yourself at Civoneciva was awesome and you made some top passes and runs.

Danny Buderus – Sad for you to go out like this, but you had a great final game and an awesome Origin career.

Craig Fitzgibbon – Tried your heart out for an old bugger. At least you showed heart that most other players seem to forget.

Mitchell Pearce – Not bad for a first go. Your kicks weren’t the best, but you didn’t fuck up, so I guess I can’t bag you.

No-one else really did shit. Cooper? 1 try, but other than that? Nothing.

Hayne? Tried hard when you got the ball, but that was only about 4 times.

Anasta? Your step’s only going to get you so far and tonight all that got you was crunched.

And YES I’m passionate. State of Origin stirs that passion. It excites me, it makes me feel pumped up. It brings out the raw inner competitive spirit in me.

Girls will just never understand.

Sometimes….as a guy you just need to let these feelings out, win or lose.

There is NO such a thing as JUST A GAME in Origin.

Ladies. Never EVER say that to a guy.



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4 responses to “State of Origin III – Blues forget how to score.

  • LaLa

    I never said it was just a game.

  • Mick

    Ha…I heard it from 2 other girls last night…but no you didn’t exactly say it….in those words ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melly Mel

    Hey! I was ensconced on my couch watching with beer(s) in hand screaming my head off, particularly during that pathetic second half! Origin turns this particular girl into a beer swilling, swearing yobo thank you kindly LOL. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Very disappointing effort and should have been a bloody sitter, especially being on home turf!

  • Mick

    You’re right Mel, I shouldn’t generalise. I just don’t know many females that actually get into Origin. Maybe we should catch a game some time and send LaLa to a movie ๐Ÿ™‚

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