Macro Monday #1

I’ve been meaning to get back into photography again. I love taking photos and I’ve even set up a business name and registered the domain for Mick’s Pics (don’t bother finding the website. Nothing there yet!).

I would like to eventually set up some sort of photography hobby website thing, but haven’t had the time or inclination just yet.

But I have been inspired by the Flickr Group, Macro Mondays. The idea is, that every week there is a new theme and you’re to post a macro photo based on that theme. Check out some of the recent shots.

This weeks theme is ‘In Case of Emergency’. What would you take, that is valuable to you, in the case of an emergency. Twist? No people or pets.

So, my submission is this:

Macro Monday #1 - In Case of Emergency

It’s my External Hard Drive. It contains thousands of photos and mp3’s and generally just stuff that I would hate to lose.


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2 responses to “Macro Monday #1

  • LaLa

    You make hard drives sexay…

  • turnonthestars

    I got excited about photography again a while back. It lasted a few hours. That was long enough to set up a blog though, that still has nothing on it.
    I’m going to try to convince work that I am awesome and should take puppy and kitty pictures for their website and for cage cards and stuff.
    But YAY photography!

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