State of Origin II. The One Where the Blues Were SHITHOUSE.

30- 0.

What a steaming pile of shit.

Seriously. Whilst QLD ran roughshod over NSW, the Blues were atrocious, disgraceful, shithouse, fucked up beyond belief. It was woeful.

We could do nothing better than run one out. Anytime we looked like half…no..make that a quarter of a chance, we’d lose the ball. Penalties against us at stupid times.

Turns out we were lucky that QLD picked such a crap team in the first game.

Now NSW have to make changes.

Greg Bird? Not a Five-Eighth. Has to go to Lock for Gallen or be dropped from the team.

Steve Turner? Useless. At least Jarryd Hayne will be back for Game III.

Mason? Couldn’t hold the ball. Sure, he can fire up Queenslanders, but he didn’t back it up.

Wallace? Did nothing. His kicks were ineffectual and offered nothing in attack.

Cooper? You have to go mate. Jamie Lyon should come in.

Overall it was a pitiful display from The Blues. Queensland deserved to win because they actually DID SOMETHING. NSW could give nothing. Not a line break to be seen.

Thurston had a good game, Falou and Inglis actually did something tonight, and Hunt was much better NOT at Five Eighth. I thought they’d be screwed wthout Lockyer. Turns out he isn’t the only decent Queensland player I guess..



But anyway, I’m still fuming. What a piece of crap.

BRING ON GAME 3 and the Olympic Stadium where QLD have yet to work out how to win. Wish I was going to be there….


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7 responses to “State of Origin II. The One Where the Blues Were SHITHOUSE.

  • Melly Mel

    Mmmmm, bit of a worry when your side looks more like they’re playing hot potato than they do football isn’t it…? LOL

  • Hander

    Yes, I couldn’t believe this, happy cause I am, but still the game was very surprising! In fact I can’t wait for the third now!

    The game ended less than 12 hours ago and your article is already listed in google search index.

    Thank you! I agree, we deserve it this year…


  • Dirkotello

    Archer is the new Grasshopper that is all there is to it.
    He was extremely selective about what he wanted to consider an not consider.
    Why wasn’t the Marrons picked up fro not playing the ball square ealry in the game?
    Why wasn’t Tate penalised by video for feet in the ruck when he kicked the ball away?
    Why wasn’t Thurston penalised by video for stripping the ball?
    The Blues were copping it sweet each time (there mistake I suppose) but it takes the wigning oand whining from the Marorns players to overturn the lost ball decision and penalise Mason for the same thing Thurston clearly did earlier and was replayed during broadcast.

    Hold on…..was this all as a result of selective replaying at Suncorp stadium?

  • LaLa

    Dirkotello – sore loser and can’t spell for shit.

  • Dirkotello

    LaLa, Lala LaLa, tska tsk. Is swearing and observation of my bad spelling the best you can come up with?
    Since you had no intelligent comment on the content you might as well just have posted without typing anything.

  • Dirkotello

    LaLa, your initial post (or non-post to be correct) does not rebuke my claims so therefore you must agree with them.

  • QLD Supporter

    The penalties were representative the infringement of the team who was down all night, i think you will see that there were penalties given for ruck infringements to both sides albeight more from NSM as they were trying to stem the pressure applied by QLD by hanging off at marker, inside the 10 etc. abviously because you are a cock eyed NSW supporter you would see more infringements by QLD that werent picked up but let me ask you this did a refs call (or non call) lead to Inglis owning your outside backs all night, or prince kicking for a flying Folau to score or Ben Hannant cashing over for a try??? also did a refs call (or lack of) result in the shit defense from Gasnier and Turner or the porr attack from Bird and Wallace, of course not. YOU WERE DOMINATED…absolutely DOMINATED. Maybe Mason should spend less time trying to fire up QLD and spend more time on his ball handling skills. Talk about whinging look at buderus, biggest sook ive ever seen, i dont think i saw one moment where he didn’t have his mouth open whinging to the ref…little tip for buderus, less whinging – better playing, although he must feel like shit knowing he got dropped from the AUST side cos he is getting owned by Smith. Ps My fav shot of the first half was hunt putting the shoulder straight into bird and laying the little fat shit on his arse and consequently forcing the mistake. Yeowwww Hunt.

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