THAT is What I’m Talking About..

If there was any doubt who the next leader of the USA should be, then look at these pics…

Ever been to a ROCK concert where the crowd just goes back and back forever (Guns ‘n Roses – 1993)

75,000 people in Portland Oregon treated Obama like a rock star on Sunday.

See the boats? People were on them as well. And the other side of the bank you can’t see? Yup. There too.

This is Barack Obama – 2008.

Fuck Yeah. Go all the way mate.

(Photos stolen from Wonkette and Flickr)

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One response to “THAT is What I’m Talking About..

  • Trish

    Isn’t that just the most fantastic thing? I got goosebumps when I saw those images.

    I’m seriously thinking of saving up for a ticket to Washington in January to see his inauguration. Now THAT’S going to be a big crowd.

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