Frets and Friends

It’s been an emotionally exhausting couple of days.

Friends of mine have had real problems that have really affected me in some way. It seems that everything is happening at once for them, and all I can do is try to support them

I hope that i can be a good friend when needed. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say, but at least if I can just be there, it might help in the long run….


Another stupid mother fucking bank rejected my 3rd attempt at a Home Loan Consolidation.

WHY is it so fucking hard to understand that I am CONSOLIDATING debts, and therefore will be paying LESS per month than I was before? How does that NOT COMPUTE….. YOU STUPID FUCKS.


Grindhouse was fan-fucking-tastic. Planet Terror was just awesome, and even though some may not agree, it worked perfectly in the Grindhouse format. I actually found that Planet Terror was better than Death Proof in the double-feature gimmick. Although I loved the full extended version of Death Proof when I saw it last year, it just didn’t work as well in the non-stop B grade schtick that Tarantino and Rodriguez were aiming at.

It was also UNACCEPTABLE that the Lap Dance scene was ‘missing’ from Death Proof. Oooh..I wanted to see Ferlito shaking her groove thing again!!


The Drop Bears head to Parkes this Saturday to play at the Cambridge Hotel or ‘Cambo’ as it is locally known. If you live in the area, come on down for a fun night of rock and/or roll.

Well I know I’ll be rolling up the stairs afterwards.. 🙂



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